routine???yes or no

i got my little man jayden in to a routine 2days after he was born and wud reccomend it.
any problems or just stories of getting ur lo in a routine let me know!


  • My lo is in a rough routine, but I play a lot by ear. I'm not a fan of Gina Ford as I prefer to be more flexible, but things that are the same every day are her lunch and dinner times as well as her bath/bottle/bed routine in the evening.
  • hiya i think a routine is an essential part of a growing child,i did use gina fords method which is strict from when primrose was 3mnths,i did addaped it a little but can honestly say ive not had really much trouble from her at all,she sleeps frm 6.30pm til 7.30am without a murmer every nite frm 3mnths she is 21mnths now and she is still in the same routine,its certainly paid of for me and hubby as we have all eve to ourselfs! a routine is a great way to get your independance
  • Hiya Ive got a little Jayden too! And I dont think we couldnt do without a routine, like someone else said I think its essential not just for you but for your lo too
  • Yes I have a routine for Kara but I am not strict with it. She does have her meals around the same time everyday and bed near enough the same time but I wouldn't be worried if this was changed a bit or moved about.
  • For the first couple of weeks there was no routine whatsoever! Max fed on demand and slept most of the time, but when he started staying awake for longer in the day I began to introduce a routine.

    Now he's 6 months old and I have strict mealtimes, and bed time. But everything else is just - whatever! I don't go for the whole "playtime from 3-4 then nap, then bath for exactly 10 minutes, " or whatever, its quite relaxed except for meals and bed.
    I think when weaning a baby, you have to be prepared to spend a long time feeding each day and give them plenty of time and patience for it!! image

    I've digressed a little - sorry !
  • I think all babies need a routine be it strict or just a pattern....Like someone says it gives security and gives us some sanity lol!
  • yeah routine all the way!benji now just falls into his routine without any real prodding for me and its great...can plan the day around us both now!
  • we had no routine whatso ever until ollie was 6 months old (apart from the time he went to bed which we introduced at about 5 months) but once we started one it was easy to get Ollie into it.

    I dont think routines are neccessary until theyre 6 months. We had no problems with ollie before or after his routine started and he now sleeps from 7pm to 7am, with one day time nap of 2 hours, set meal times (but he also eats a bit when we do) bath time and bed time. (if we can get him out of the bath :lol: )

    as people have said, routine isnt for everyone, and it wasnt for us before 6 months.

  • Hi,

    My little girl is 11 weeks old and as no routine what so ever, she is BF and it is a nightmare! she feeds on demand through the day and at nite she's even worse!!! any help or advice you can give would be very much appreciated!!

    thanks in advance
  • with my first we had no routine at all and we are really paying for it now that she is in one at 3 she is very unsettled and always worry's about times, as where we have had finley in a routine since he was a few weeks old and you can really tell the difference he is so settled goes to sleep with no problems what so ever i really do recomend a good routine from an early age
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