Implanon and bleeding - OLD BLOOD how much?????????????

my last post disappeared

i had the impanon implant months ago - spotted for a few weeks then nothing until about 2 weeks ago - where there is old blood everytime i wipe sorry tmi!

i think iwould rather red blood as it is brown and old where has it been and for how long????

Also having a few niggles in my bits and a bad headache.#

Any odeas what i should do - whether you have experienced this

Any helpo would be appreciated x


  • Hey, I had implanon and it made me so hormonal and very down ect.

    I bled for 6 months not heavy but still with only a week break. They said I had to give it 6 months atleast before they would take it out. Needless to say the minute I had it in for 6 months it came out and everything went back to normal. I prefer non hormonal contraception ie condoms, coil that way I dont go in to this emotional wreck LOL

    Dont know with regards to headaches ect sorry

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