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Babystyle Calgary Furniture (also in pregnancy and due Dec)

Just wondered if anyone had bought this furniture set? If so where from and what did/do you think of it? Happened to see the cot bed yesterday and we are now considering the whole set but it is much cheaper online, howvever its knowing if you can trust the sites. We can save nearly ??200 if order online though so worth the risk if the site has been used before. Thanks for your help.

link to website showing whole set (if it works) not sure how to add links


  • Don't touch this crap with a bargepole sub standard expensive rubbish. Our wardrobe fell apart on assembly the we had to pay to get 2 new side panels. Then our toddlers daughter brushed against the door and it fell off and nearly landed on her. Take my advise and go to Ikea.

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