Why can't men dress lo's?!

I have to laugh about it.......my oh is very hands on with Charlotte and is the perfect dad

But...if I don't put out which clothes for her to wear when he tops n tails her in the morning she comes downstairs in the most weird mixture of clothes!! Colours that don't match, poppers done up wrong or not done up! I don't like to say anything as I know he's tried but sometimes I just have to say "she's not going out like that"!!

Is your oh the same?! :lol:


  • Bless!

    I do pick out clothes for Louise to wear if her Daddy is going to dress her. There are also some pjamas that he hates too - so avoids them if he can but I can't complain as he does get her ready fot bed every night.
  • yes! i have to pick everything out...i left him to it the other day while i went shopping with my mum and when i came home JJ was wearing a stripey grey top with orange star dungarees AND he'd had visitors round who'd seen him wearing them...oh the shame...never again!! lol x
  • My oh is the same, he always insists on James wearing his Liverpool shirt - which drives me mad!! And the popper thing too, always leaves the top popper on his sleep suits undone!!
  • lol my hubby is quite good at dressing charlie, not had any weird combinations of clothes yet! might be a different story if he were to dress a baby girl tho lol
  • Why do men have to be told everything? They complain that we're nagging - but if we didnt nag then we wouldn't do it!
    My oh never dresses Gabe, he just leaves him in his sleepsuit until I do it, which is fine with me cos he never knows what to put on him...Luckily all Gabes clothes are pretty basic colours so you can't really get a bad combination.
  • My oh often dresses my two but insists that he can't pick their clothes. Even if everything is hung together in matching outfits in the wardrobe he still can't sort out what goes with what, in fact Millie quite often tells him when he gets it wrong :lol:
  • My oh is exactlythe same. The one and only time I hadn't put Alfie's clothes out he brought him downstaris and I needed sunglasses! He looked like an Amreican prisioner in an orange playsuit thing-came in a pack with nicer suits! Now i never leave it to chance-possibly the socks but otherwise no way!
    He's fab at other things though so shouldn't knock him just glad other people have the same issue!
  • when tony dresses my lo's they look like little refugees bless em always the things i just use for garden play etc he took mai to a birthday party wearing and i kid you not Blue boys shorts her red wellies and a red chunky knitted jumper it was august n she wanted to be a princess so when he told me what she was wearing i dashed over with her pink party frock! i know worse things happen but it drives me loopy
  • PMSL Lollyhatch, your poor lil girl!! Have to say my OH is OK dressing DS (never puts co-ordinating socks on but that's my OCD!) but not DD, it's weird.
  • I also set Kara's clothes out if Ray has to dress her. I even pack her bag for him if he is taking her to his mums in the morning. If he is off work he usually lets her sit in her pj's all day. When I say to him about it he always says what is the point in dressing her when she is going nowhere.
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