Hiya am now selling Lewis's Nursery set Baby Jungle from mothercare.

I have the whole set everyting a baby could want in there nursery, i went totally over the top and bought everyting, form thermometer to lampshade, you name i have it, the only thing i didn't get was the sleeping bags!

I am going to be listing it on ebay, but to be honest there is so much and it will take agaes and cost a fortune, and to be honest with you i will be really sad to see it all go, i would love to keep it just in case you know lol but whats the point!

So if anyone is interested just drop me a line and i will get back to you!

you guys are getting the first refusal - i would love to sell it all together!;\)



    You can't sell's just too lovely to sell! What about if you have another little bundle! What are you going to put in Lewis' room? Ive thought about changing Joshua's but wont untill he moves into a bigger bedroom if we have another one. I love the ITNG bedding but don't know how long he'll like it for. He loves cars so go for something like that!

    Hope you're ok? I posted a Helloooooooooooo topic on May 07 cos havent heard from anyone for ages! x
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