Drinks for 11 month old

Hi all, just wondered what other Mum's do regarding drinks during the day. I currently offer Mollie a 6oz cup of formula for breakfast (just started putting cow's milk on cereal) then 5oz mid morning and afternoon, water with lunch and tea and a further 6oz bottle before bed. So she's offered 22 oz of formula in total but doesn't always drink it all.

My question is whether I should be substituting the mid morning / afternoon milk with water or juice or just carry on as I am? Also when I begin giving her cow's milk instead of formula should I still be offering her 20oz+ per day? Can't see that it will do her any harm but just wondered if other Mum's had been given any advice.

She is on 98th centile for length and 91st for weight by the way.


  • I think it might be ok to drop one of the bottles depending whether she still wants it. Gabe is off his milk atm as a bit poorly but usually he has between 5-7oz a feed, in the morning, mid afternoon and before bed (he's a bit fussy about this one). He's on 98th for height & 50th for weight

  • At 11 months my lo had 8oz cows milk in morning and bed time and had water throughout the day.i just left a beaker on the floor with his toys and he would help himself. i thought it would be hard trying to drop afternoon feeds but it didnt bother him as he was having his lunch and a snack of fruit in the aternoon. i dont give him juice just because thats my choice and i figured if he never tried it he's not missing out and its much healthier for him image
    when you start giving her cows milk she needs to have a least a pint a day wheather thats milk or other dairy products. there is no harm in continuing the day time feed but it will be harder to give up once she gets older,,,
  • I think you should try and fit some water in somewhere so that your lo can get used to the taste and drinking it. I keep milk (bf) and meals seperate and so my lo has water at each meal and between meals when she has snacks.
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