Just had a scary moment

Jack and Charlotte have there own bouncy chair and i was in the kitchen washing the pots came back in the room and Daniel who is 2 in a few weeks was sat in charlottes chair,i dont know if he was sat on her or beside her but i just screamed ran in the room and dragged him off,ive never been so scared in my life,i picked her up and cuddled her,i couldnt put her down and when i did ive just been sat watching her to see if she was breathing,iam gonna have to be more carefull :cry:



  • Awwww babe I would be just as shocked too! Am sure she's fine hun but like you say keep an eye on her, for you and her! Bxx
  • awww (((hugs)))its so scary isnt it ,jack is nearly 3 and he was walking over the changing mat the other day and he fell and landed on sophia ...i had a huge fright too and i did shout at him although he was sorry cos it was an accident i couldnt help it i had a fright and she was screaming ...hope ure ok hun xxxx
  • Oh hun, they do these things, Millie once did exactly the same to Barney when he was tiny :roll: fortunately he seemed to think it was quite funny!! I'm afraid it only gets worse the bigger they get! Millie is now 2 1/2, Barney is 9 months, She is mostly really nice to him but today she has pushed him over three times so he's cracked his head on the floor, tripped up and landed on his head once, and tried to roll him the length of the lounge :lol: I think when they have older siblings they get tough quite quickly!!
  • i feel even worse cos i shouted at daniel and i know it wasnt his fault he was just trying to be nice to her :cry:

    :lol: @bedhead oh god ive got more to come then
  • When my sister had her 2nd lo her oldest was 2. she was in the shower and had left her 2 yr old with the newborn in the moses basket. She heard her youngest screaming so got out the shower to find the 2 yr old tipping the moses basket up at the foot end so lo was about to roll out!
    Just to show you these things happen and no matter how hard you try you cannot have eyes in
    the back of your head.
  • Definately more to come! There is a three year age gap between me and my big bro, when I was tiny my mum was busy in the kitchen while I was having a nap but I woke up and started crying, she was just finishing what she was doing before fetching me but my bro beat her to it! He arrived at the side of her in the kitchen (fortunately it was a bugalow) carrying me with his arm round my neck and the rest of me under his arm!!!! He heard me crying and wanted to help, after that they put a bolt on the outside of my bedroom door to stop him getting in :lol:
  • thanks ladies,feel so much better now and plus the glass of bailys has helped image should have known really,the stories that my mil tells me what my oh did to his brother,iam gonna have a full head of grey hair by the age off 35 and thats next year :lol:
    again :lol: @bedhead thats so funny

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