Can you recommend or advise against buggy?

Hello all. I have the mamas and papas ultima 8in1 pushchair and its great but it is big and bulky. We are going on a little hol soon and wont have a huge amount of room in the car. Im thinking of getting a little buggy of some sort. Certainly something smaller than what ive got. I dont really want to spend much... but would go that extra mile for a great one that could last me. Holly is nearly 5 months if this is relevant.
Im keen to hear good and bad.



  • I have a Maclaren as a holiday pushchair as well (mine's a Triumph) It's been really good to take abroad as it is fairly light and folds down easily with one hand. Millie seems comfy in it althought the seat is laid back a bit more than she likes when it is upright (she is dead nosey though!)
  • hi we had a mamas and papas pram and though i quite like it it is too bulky. we have just bought a quinny zapp and it is fantastic! fits with maxi cosi car seat or fwd facing as stroller. folds down to tiny tiny size (fits in boot of a ford ka easily!) bought for ??109 online
  • I'm thinking of getting a maclaran, they have got a really good reputation. Also if you don't want to spend a lot, why don't you try ebay? You can get nearly new stuff for a lot cheaper than shops xx
  • Oooh! My favorite subject!

    I've had LOADS of prams!!! I've got 3 kids and became a compulsive buggy buyer after my first was born! I've had a Graco to a Bugaboo! The one i'm using at the mo is a Bugaboo Gecko and now i wont use anything else... I'd advise if ya dont want to spend alot is to have a look on Ebay...and pick something up secondhand? I've got a couple off Ebay and the condition was good although i'd recommend you know what your looking for before you look on there!

    I also have a Micralite which has two big air tyres at the back and two small wheels at the front, Its really light and folds with one hand really i had the baby on my hip, a toddler in reins in the same hand (my 5 year old was also close by... image) and i folded the pram one handed in about 5 seconds!!!
    It doesn't have a relining seat but this wasn't a problem with either my baby or my toddler as the pushchair is really cozy. And it cant take too many shopping bags on the handle because its so light ...but this is the case with pretty much all strollers!

    Your best bet is to go in to a Mothercare or John Lewis and test a few out to see what feels right!

    Good luck and happy buggy shopping!!! image xx
  • I love my Graco.I also love my Maclaren Triumph for travelling, but it's not suitable for babies under 3 months. I hated my iCandy Cherry. We ended up returning after we had to exchange it 3x because of manufaturing defects. It is a piece of garbage.
  • Iv just bought a Mclaren Triumph and although iv only used it a couple of times I like it. Its easy to fold and light enough to carry with one hand. Iv been used to pushing a silvercross Freeway and although bubba is nice and snug in it I find it heavy and im always bumping into things with it. Cant wait to dich the pram but I will miss the shopping basket underneath.
  • hi i've got a maclaren xt it was a bit expensive but it's fantastic, one really good thing it does is the hood unzips to be used as an uv and sun shade so you don't need a sun parasol so it's ideal for sunny holidays plus it's really light and easy to move around.
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