does it matter which milk? cows milk, stage 2 or toddler?

my lo is coming up to 1 and i tried him on sma toddler milk today - did half and half stage 2. he didnt have any of it? just wondering whether it matters and whether i should persist and get him changed to toddler milk or cows milk or is it ok to carry on with the stage 2 milk?



  • If he eats a good diet, I'd save your pennies and give him whole cows milk. My DD refused all forms of formula from 10 months, she was fine with cows milk.
  • My DD will be 1 in 6 weeks and we've been on Follow On Aptamil since 6 months; however I'm just going to make the switch to cows milk when she's 1. I've already started as she has a beaker of it mid-afternoon and actually seems to prefer it to formula ATM lol!!! She has a great diet so cows milk is fine xx
  • go with the moo its all good at you los age x
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