is it fair? (also in BIJ)

I have been offered a job but we are TTC no2, is it fair taking it knowing there is a possibility i wont be there long? i didnt take a job last year as i was pregnant and felt it was unfair but i am not sure what i feel about it when were are just TTC

what would you do?


  • I would take it xx
  • You are perfectly entitled to take it and I would!
  • I'd take it! Too many 'what ifs' otherwise and you might kick yourself. Gotta look out for number one x
  • same as the rest, you are entitled to and I would!!
  • take it hun!

    i'd just moved onto a new team at my work in a new buidling and had done all my new training etc to find out i was pregnant 4 days after officially starting on the team! since then i think i must've worked a grand total of about 4 weeks for the whole of my pregnancy because iw as so ill. but as my manager said, you can't predict how/when these things happen and you can't put your life on hold for 'what ifs'.

    go for it and enjoy it xx
  • take it chick, they obviously thought you right for the job and alright your ttc again which will have you off for 6 months to a year, who's to say the next in line to you takes the job falls and breaks their leg so bad they are off for 12 months, they'll have your expertese (sp?) when you get back, what I would say is check your maternity entitlement as in (your a nurse right/) if you change trust etc do you have to work the mimimum befire hand to get maternity pay (ie: with me I have to have been working for 52 weeks with the college before I have my baby to get maternity pay)

    take it and congratulations xx
  • I would take it as long as it doesn't affect mat leave etc as fingers crossed you'll need it!!!

    Also (practical head on now!) nobody ever knows how long it will take tc - hope that doesn't sound negative

  • thanx ladies, i have checked about my entitilment and as long as i dont have a break between jobs it wont matter, just need to find a nursery now i have set days image
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