Swimming today... Any tips?

Taking my 10 week old baby swimming today for the first time..do anybof you ladies have any tips?

Really don't want him to scream the place down..I have a wetsuit thing for him to help him stay warm.



  • have fun! I would say hold him tight as you go into the water so he knows he is safe. Dont stay in there any longer than 15 minutes. Maybe take some bathtime toys that he knows with you.

    Let us know how you get on x
  • i would say to bring the towel to the pool side so when it comes time to get out he isnt freezing by the time you get him to the changing rooms as they get cold so quickly. Have fun! xxxx
  • Might sound obvious, but put your own costume on before you leave. I didn't, and it was such a faff getting both of us dressed! Agree with holding him close, the warm water is freezing!
  • Lol no2bump I always take towels poolside anyway...so j can cover by fat bum as soon as I get out pool lol..less chance of people seeing my cellulite thunder thighs image xx
  • HAHA PB! i bet your thunder thighs arnt too bad, im so big i wont go to the pool incase the lifeguard calls in greenpeace to remove the beached whale! LOL
  • If you have already been hope you had a fab time.

    If not my tip would be to remove wetsuit when you get out and then wrap LO in a dry towel and put on a changing mat on the floor. They will be safe and warm while you get changed and when it comes to dressing them they will be nice and dry and you won't be dripping all over them.

  • Also be prepared to feed as soon as you are both dressed! Babies tend to use loads of energy when they are that little and will be starving, also a snack for you if you are breastfeeding! xxx
  • Thanks girls! On my way now!

    Wif...that's a great tip as I hadn't wven thought about that...I was gonna wrap him up in towel with wetsuit still on..then towel
    would have been wet image

    thanks again ladies xx
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