Dream Feed?

Hi lovely ladies, hope you and babies are all well.

I just had a couple of questions about dream feeding and I hope you can help me!

How exactly do you do a dream feed?

In your opinion what is the best way to do it?



  • I pretty much do it like Ali Boo does.

    Our lo goes down about 7:30pm then when we go up about 10:30 i take a bottle with a few oz's & gently take him out of his cot and offer him the feed without him actually waking then wind him & put back down.
    Also unless lo feels like he is really wet i try not to change his nappy but on occassion after he drank alot from his previous bottle he's felt quite wet so without lifting him from his cot i've gently changed his bum then offered dreamfeed.
    Hope this helps

    J x
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