what's up with my milk?!

I exclusively breastfeed and express once every morning. Last week I stayed at my mums house and expressed there - mum made a comment later on that my milk looked a little on the green side! I had never noticed this before, so can't say whether it has only recently been like this or I just simply hadn't noticed! Anyway, this week I have been looking at my milk and there is definaltey a green tinge to it - it still has the creamy colour to it and there is definaltely fat in it! I asked DH last night what colour did he think the milk was and he said "creamy, green maybe", so he thinks so too!!

Just wondered if this was normal at all?! Should I be concerned? DD is still feeding fine and not ill or anything. I've had a bad cold, but don't think that has any effect on my milk?



  • I've no idea i'm afraid, my ebm sometimes looks more watery than other times but its still creamy in colour. Maybe take a small sample into show hv or gp. If your lo is fine in herself though i'm sure its probably fine.
  • Yes it's completely normal. If you let it settle, it will look grey/watery at the bottom and cream/thicker at the top. With the warm weather, we are probably producing more of the watery stuff to quench LO's thirst which could be why you've not noticed it before. IMO nothing at all to be concerned about xx
  • Milk can be all sorts of different colours. My BF book says green milk can be caused by a drug called Ferritin or by milk that has stagnated in a blocked duct or a cyst. The book seems to indicate that the milk will be obviously green, rather than just be slightly green. But if you're worried, take a sample to your GP.
  • Lawso thanks, thinking about it a bit more, it is actually grey at the very bottom then changes to slightly green before being really creamy at the top! I didn't realise that our milk adapts to the warm weather - very clever!

    Its definalty not obviously green - will keep an eye on it and if it still seems a little odd, I'll visit my HV next week. It actually seemed more creamy today, so maybe okay now!
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