Breastfeeding after 6 months?

Sorry i know this has probably been asked before but i can't find any answers!

Do i have to give lo any supplements after 6 months if i'm still breastfeeding? He's just coming up to 6 months now and has 4 feeds a day. He's on breakfast of plain boring old porridge (mean mummy!) and a tea of a little veg and a petit filous. I'm going to introduce protein in a couple of weeks.

I'm mostly thinking about Iron, as i know their stores run out about now, and also i've read somewhere something about vitamin d, but i'm not sure what it was!

Thanks girls xx


  • You could try adding lentils to his meals of veg. Soak them, boil them until soft then whizz them up into paste, these are absolutely FULL of iron also broccoli, cabbage, any greens, mushy butter beans. To absorb iron you need vitamin c, so maybe add cooked tomatoes to his meals or give a little fresh juice in his beaker. xox
  • Hi,

    I asked a while ago when I took my lo to the clinic and was told that as long as she is eating lots of friut/veg that are different colours and weaning was going well then she doesn't need them.

    Vitamin D is in dairylea and petit fleurs and is often added to other baby foods like the baby cereals. It can also be got from the sun!

    Iron - brocolli is a great source and a great finger food, and again is added t lots of baby foods/cereals.

    It's really up to you whether you want to give them to your lo, I dont as I started weaning Louise early and by 6 months she was eating a range of diff foods, I just try to make sure she has diff coloured friut/veg at each meal.

    (I apologise if this ends up appearing twice, be ate my initial reply!)
  • i think as long as you are introducing iron rich foods soon then i wouldnt worry hun xx
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