Dropping Late Night Feed at 10 weeks?!

My DD is 10 weeks, has always been a good sleeper at night and has a great bedtime routine. Bath, feed and cuddle and asleep around 7pm. She's been doing this since 7 weeks.
Until this week I had woken her about 11pm for a feed but she doesn't dream feed well and it was always only a small 'top-up' feed.
Over the weekend she was a bit poorly and extra tired as she hadn't napped well during the day. I was also knackered and fell asleep without waking her for her late night top-up. Next thing I know it's 6am and she's just waking up as normal.
I mentioned this to the HV who said 'Why are you waking her to feed her?' she says that because I am exclusively BFing on demand, that I should wait and let DD tell me when she's hungry and if she's happy to go 11 hours through the night then let her and enjoy it!
So I tried a couple more nights not waking her and she's slept through and woken at 6am as normal - perfectly happy and ready for breakfast.

She feeds every 3-4 hours through the day and takes about 180ml in a feed if I express and give her a feed from bottle.

She has consistently gained 1oz a day from birth, and had a massive growth spurt last week when she gained 12oz. Will be interesting to see what she weighs this Friday - she was 12lb last Friday.

I know that she will tell me when she's hungry - she's not shy in asking for what she wants - but it seems very early to be dropping this feed.

Just wondered what your thoughts were on this, or if anyone had a LO that did a similar thing as this age.

Thanks ladies.
B xx


  • It's not early at all! My lo dropped both his feeds in one night at 9weeks!

    Enjoy it! Those babies who can sleep through gave very very lucky mummies! X
  • Abby was 9 weeks when she first started sleeping through (wish she would again - I'm nakered!) and we dropped the late night feed at 6 weeks. (she went 3 weeks just waking up between 3 and 5 am, but she did this regardless of whether we did a late night feed or not!) xxx
  • I agree, enjoy it! My lo dropped all his night feeds by 7 weeks. I kept telling myself it must mean there was something wrong, i think I'd programmed myself to think i'd have to feed him every 3 hours till he was weaned. If you dd is happy, I say enjoy your sleep! x

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  • my LO sleeps 7-7 sometimes 7-8 without a feed and has done for about 3 weeks, she's 11 weeks tomorrow. be grateful for the extra sleep hun lol xxx
  • Thanks for your replies - I feel much more reassured now, so I'll just relax and enjoy!

    B xx
  • Hiya,
    my lo dropped all his night feeds at 10weeks and has slept 7.30-7.30 ever since,with a few growth spurts here and there he was prem too so i was shocked but obviously was getting enogh for him the.
    be happy and enjoy your sleepy baby x
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