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Hey Girls

Just a quick question, i'm starting Lucy on a little bit of baby rice today on advice of my hv, and i have no idea when to give it! I was told to give it to her along side her milk feed but i'm unsure if i give it to her at her 11am feed or her 2pm feed?! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Laura and Lucy (20 weeks) x


  • When we first started we did it in the morning as this was when lo was most alert, he tended to be a bit more grumpy/sleepy in the afternoon. x
  • I would go for the one when she is happiest!

    Or the earliest as if it upsets her it wonr effect her anywhere near bedtime.
  • Thanks everyone. Katie, how does it work keeping the milk and food seperate? What sort of gap do you have? I'm so lost with how to start. Thinking of putting it off till tomorrow so i can read up a bit!!! x
  • Aw thanks Katie. There are so many ways to do it arn't there?! I think i'm going to offer her a little bit of rice mid bottle at 11am (eeeek!) Thanks again everyone x
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