What to do...evening feed?

Alfie (can you tell who the awkward 1 is! lol) is not drinking his nighttime bottle at all now. I wouldnt mind but for 2 reasons...he doesnt get dairy any other way (although we have the milk challenges booked for 21st Oct) and he is waking anywhere between 2am and 4am and not going back to sleep. Im dead from lack of sleep, although I can cope with that. I just wish I knew why he was waking. Im assuming he's hungry as, at 4am he wouldnt have eaten anything for 12hrs, but they havent had a nightfeed for 5-odd months and I dont want to start that!

We stopped the Gaviscon last week, and I have now put it back in incase that was the problem, and he still isnt pooping as normal, although the prunes are helping.

I was wonderingabout giving them some 'supper'. I still want to offer the bottle but at the moment, if he doesnt drink it, he's getting nothing.

Does anyone have any experience of this? I was thinking about giving them some porridge - not loads but so they have something in their tummies at bedtime (I say 'they' as Ryan is a food feind so if he sees me giving Alfie something he'll scream till he gets some too!)

They only have 2 bottles a day now, but at 5.45am I finally gave in and gave him his bottle and he gulped it down like he'd never been fed!

Sorry if ive rambled!


  • My dd was still waking during the night at 6 months so the hv suggested giving her some weetabix (or similar) just before she goes to bed. So we started giving her either weetabix or oatibix (just half a biscuit) with formula mixed in (tho we now use cow's milk) before her bath, then she would have her bottle then go to bed. She stopped waking in the night after that (unless she was teething). So it definitely worked for us, although we have never had problems with her taking her milk, fortunately. It's certainly worth a try - can't do any harm. Good luck x
  • Poppy wasn't interested in milk either so we started to give her porridge or something like that for supper just before bed. She was getting her milk in that and it usually stopped her waking with hunger. She is now 3 and still has the same!
    Good luck
  • hey mrs im in a similar situation in that reece is down to 2 bf'ds a day and will not take milk bar a few sips from the cup image we have had a bit more success the last few days with cups with no lids but nothing to get excited about may be 4oz in the whole day, re the nighttime question I give him a bowl of weetabix which has 2 oz of milk in it (he doesn't get his 2nd bf directly before bed as he was using me to go to sleep so he gets this at tea time around 6 then his weetabix at 720 as much milk as he will sip (lucky if even an oz) and off to bed.

    Reece is 29 weeks on tues so younger than your boys and he has been fine xx Let me know how you get on with the milk thing in October as I would be interested if there are any tips xx

    good luck xx
  • also reece can't have cheese, etc as it brings out his eczema he's on soy milk for same reason
  • Hmmm it's a hard one...I'd probably introduce supper if it were me. When ds wasn't well and lost intrest in the bottle, toast was a life saver..:it filled his wee tummy up and kept him going for a while, plus, a bit of toast won't do Ryan any harm either and they can get on with it themselves so you could maybe give alfie it when Ryan is in his bath if you don't want to give it to them both iyswim.

    Have you tried a cup with alfie? You can get rubber spouted ones which my ds loves.

    I hope you find a solution soon, I know the feeling of being dead on your feet and could only imagine what it must be like caring for two little men on little or no energy x
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