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Hi Girls,

Was just wondering if any of you have/know anybody who has had their baby blessed in Church but the mother and father have not been married when the baby was conceived? Im scared to ask around the churches in my area as im pretty sure they will have a dim veiw on this. We are not married but We would like to have our LO blessed so it is more like a celebration of her life, naming of Godparents and just to say thank u for having being blessed with a healthy baby really but im not sure if u have to be a reg chuch goer for this?

Does anybody know?
Hannah xx


  • hi han, me and hubby werent married when our first 2 were born and they were christened, when 3rd came along (still not married then) we decided that as we were not regular churchgoers (hatches matches and despatches lol) we would like to do something different so we held a naming day at home we didnt have "godparents" but we chose nominated adults who would take much the same role as a godparent, no doubt if we ever get a moment we will do the same for isaac.

    I think most churches these days have pretty modern view so you not being married shouldnt be a problem. Good luck x
  • Hi Hannah, don't worry - I'm not married and vicar was lovely.
    We had to contact the vicar in our parish to sign a form as we wanted Tom christened in a church by in-laws and he said it was in their 'contract' to offer christenings so they can't refuse (but I'm sure they wouldn't anyway). As the normal service is at 8.30am she even offered to give us a seperate christening service at 9.30 which took about 15 mins - perfect. It was really important to me although I don't go to church regularly.
  • there should be no problem in getting your baby christened in a church as most churches are glad that there are still people out there that want to bring their children up within a faith. I think all children should be brought up in a faith, it doesn't matter that you don't go to church every week but I would make a point of going every so often before the chrsitening. I don't like the idea of letting children decide on starting a new faith when older but I wouldn't have a problem if my boys didn't want to be put of our faith when older, but at least they got a chance to know what it's all about.

    my 2nd son is being christened in 3 weeks. we've not been to church for about 10 months but that doesn't mean I don't stand up for and believe in it.

  • We had a dedication service on Sunday at our church. Was lovely and lo didn't cry at all lol. Most churches will welcome you and whatever you decide to do. Things aren't as strict nowadays x
  • When i booked my lo christening the vicar just asked parents names and occupations never asked about our marital status he did marry us 11 year ago but doubt he remembered.
    Our lo is being christened 2nd Sept and we had to attend the family service last Sunday where they welcomed us into the family of their church it was really nice.
    I personally think it is something special a christening we do not attend church all the time but our girls who are christened attend the local church school which is a fantastic school...
  • My daughter and son-in-law wanted to have their baby christened in the church where they were married.  However, the vicar said No, as the chosen Godfather had not been christened himself.   I have since come across friends who are Godparents, but are not christened themselves.  I guess it just depends on the individual vicar.  Personally I think it is wrong of the church to turn people away, I think they should be more open minded in this day and age.

    Anyway my daughter arranged a Naming Ceremony with the British Humanist Society.  They arranged to hold it in their garden in a small marquee.  It was a lovely service and everyone enjoyed the celebration of a new life.

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