What do i take?

Well thanks to your advice lovely ladies i am going to centre parks 16thmarch yippie but what do i need to take with me for me and Evie? she'll be 18 nearly 19weeks by then thanks xxxx


  • Plenty of clothes (unless there's a washing machine, in which case take some washing tablets!), millions of bibs. If you're bottle feeding you'll need to sterilise so I'd get some travel sterilising bags from mothercare. They're fab, you wash things as normal, put them in the bags, fill with water and sterilising tablet and you're done. Much less bulky than a normal steriliser. Nappies, wipes, bottles, dummies, food and eating things if you've started weaning. Do you have a travel cot of will they provide one? Bedding that smells of home will help her settle. We travel to Bristol to see OH's family fairly regularly and I generally take bedding that's been on my Evie's bed for a couple of nights and put it on her travel cot. Any special night time things that she has like music, blankies or teddies. A few toys, playmat maybe as they fold up small. Can't think of anything else at the mo. Sure you'll have a fab time!
  • hey!

    This is what I took for Louise...........

    Lots of towels for swimming (she has ezcema so over cautious maybe? one for each session)
    2 swimming costumes
    1 pack of swim nappies (boots own but they were awful and she wee'ed on me twice! yuk!)
    Swim ring (??10 in tesco cheapest we found - zoggs brand)

    Loads of clothes - found hooded zippy tops great to put over vest after swimming to keep her warm.

    snowsuit was great also to keep her warm moving from villa to centre where everything is.

    they provide a cot but you have to take your own sheets.

    nappies, nappy sacks, change mat etc

    feeding equipment - depend if bf or ff. Is there a microwave? You may need to take sterilising stuff?

    All the usual clothes/ toiletries for you.

    If there is a dishwasher you'll need dishwasher tablets.

    Any essential food/drink you want - would prob be a good idea to get together with your family to make a shopping/food list.

    We took a bag of toys for Louise.

    Slippers!!!! we didn't and the floor where is was stone tiles was freezing!

    I'll try and find the link for you with advice tyhat I was given just before I went.....


  • here is the topic I started with q's.

    Just a thought - whoever booked it should phone to say that you are going to be taking a baby so that there is a cot there for you

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