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Raspberry Leaf Tablets - your experiences please!

Hiya to anyone who can help!
I have just been readng a load of old threads about this but am even more confused so thought I would start a new one.
Please can anyone who has taken raspberry leaf tablets tell me:
When did you start taking them?
What strength did you take and how often?
What were the effects, if any?
Thanks in advance


  • dont know about the tabs but i was having 4 cups of the tea from 36wk and he was still late. xx
  • i done the same as kirst and baby still late
  • I had tea from 36 weeks all three of my little ones 10 days late so my experience is it does not work
  • Hi

    I drank the tea from 36 weeks and started taking 900mg tablets the day before he was due (1 tab twice a day). Reece was 4 days late, and it hurt like hell. So in my opinion it didnt work either, however, I think anything is worth a try, and would have it again if I had another just in case! Good luck, Jo x
  • hi i drank the tea from 36 weeks then at 38 weeks i changed to the tablets 6 a day for the last week and gave birth 4 days early and had a 20 min labour the midwife said they belive that it works wonders!!! well it did for me!!
  • Hi, I tried the raspberry leaf tea from 36 wks, i also tried fresh pineapple, hot curry and all the other things they tell you to try. My lo was born at 39 wks and my labour lasted 2 and a half hours. Whether this had anything to do with the the tea etc i dont know but as joannemarie says anything is worth a try.
  • I started drinking raspberry leaf tea from 36 weeks, 2 cups a day and took 3 tablets a day 400mg and my daughter was born on her due date. My contractions were very strong from the begining, and im sure this was due to the raspberry leaf. Although it hurt like hell, i would use raspberry leaf again with next baby! My sis used the same as me 4 days b4 her due date and went into labour 2 days lata, and had her son pretty quick. Hope this helps, good luck xx
  • Well thanks for this guys. I think it might be worth giving it a go, if it helps, it helps I guess. I am 33 weeks so perhaps a bit early to take it? I will talk to midwife at 34 wk check next Tues. There are some 900mg versions on eBay but this does seem like a high dosage compared to others.
    Thanks ladies.
  • I heard so many good things about it easier births and all that! so i went and bought some of the tablets from Holland & Barretts think they were ??10. Starting taking them around 36 wks You have to take the tabs with a hot drink and i very rarely drink hot drinks so always forgot to take them! I had a tough birth so who knows what would have happpened if i stuck to taking them, ive passed them onto my sis now who is due tomorrow so we will see! xx
  • i took them from 34 weeks in my last 3 pregnancies and my labours were all under 5 hours with the last one being 1 hr 50min, i didnt take them with my first and my labour was 45hours, so they worked for me.
  • I started at 35 weeks. Midwife told me they take three weeks to condition the uterus fully to induce labour. I took six tablets, as per the instructions on the bottle, religiously. lo was born nine days late and my labour was almost five hours. I was induced so I think the short labour was more to do with that rather than the tablets.
  • i started at 37 weeks 2 cups of tea and 4 tabs a day, went into labour a week later, established labour about 3 hours, raspberry tea is not meant to trigger labour, its meant to make it shorter and help your muscles return to normal, i believe the reason it triggered my labour is cos it help me go to toilet much better, think it tricked my body into think it was clearing out for labour, i will def be using for baby number 2, just purely for the short labour factor x

  • image i have used raspberry leaf tea caps from hollland n barrett from 35 weeks with my last two pregnancies, 3 years ago my daughter was born five days early and 2 years ago my four daughter was born 3 and a half weeks early. both great labours. but didnt use them with labours 1 and 2 but both good labours and both daughters a day early. i am currently 31 weeks pregnant with daughter number 5 and carnt wait to buy them again,they are great,starting from 35 weeks four capsules a day working up to 6 a day. seemed to work for me for great labours and a very strong uterus for the pushing stage. hope this helps ladies. xxx

  • i used raspberry leaf tea with my first from the "reccommended" 38 weeks... never worked! so i tried again a little earlier with my second from 36 weeks with the tea and i was a week over and didnt really work either... however with my 3rd i took the capsules from 32 weeks and i had a fantastic experience... 4 hour labour and my contractions were super efficiant!! and my after pains were none existant!!! and my uterus shrunk back that quick even the midwifes were shocked!! oh and did i say my 2nd stage of labour was 10 mins long! 4cm to him being born cant complain! xxxxx

  • I am 35 WKS and I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea for the last 2 weeks. I pray to god this works, I have 3 children and I went over due with all of them and the labours are well over 3 days long.  Then soon after I have the baby the contractions stop so I have to go to theatre and get the plancenta manually removed.  But my question is, which is better the tea or the capsules?

  • Just to clear something up.... Raspberry Leaf doesn't induce you or start labour, it's a natural remedy to help soften and stretch you cervix.

    I was 7 days late with my first but after going to the hospital and being 1cm and given a sweep, I returned 2hrs later (much to the dismay of the midwives who clearly thought I should got home again) and examined and was 6cm! Whole labour was under 6 hours.

    I'd been taking the capsules from Holland and Barretts since 37 weeks (midwife said no earlier) and was having about 6 a day towards the end. I don't drink herbal teas and found it quite yukkie. Plus each capsule is equivalent to about 10 teabags! 

    I'd say they definitely helped speed things up once it had got going.

  • Hi, I took the rasberry leaf tablets which are more concentrated that the tea, and my daughter was born on her due date, but not only that my labour was 6 hours start to finish, and i only pushed for 8 Minutes... It's not just about making you early it strengthens your uterus for pushing part of labour to shorten second part of labour.... I swear by it and am taking it now also with my second baby... But tablets definitely better than tea image good luck

  • I used rapsbery leaf tea for the last 3 months every night and came on my due date...was my first helped I think and I tasted good as well helped he relax

  • sounds like all these people who are late maybe starting taking it a bit late in the pregnancy. I’m 30 weeks and going to have one tea a day for now. Tablets later on. I’ll let you know how it turns out! 

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