hi girls. evie has cut two teeth now in the last few weeks, and the first one is still only about 2-3mm above the gum, but i'm wondering when i start to brush them? i already have bought her toothbrush and toothpaste but think its probably not time yet. but when? xx


  • I started brushing Lily's teeth as soon as I felt them come through- only used a tiny smudge of paste to start with. Just wanted to get her used to having her teeth brushed and never had any probs since.

    Before you know it Evie will have a full set of gnashers! Lily's onto number 14 now at 14 months... Then my Evie will be starting in a few months!

  • bump - anyone else with teethy LO's?
  • You can start to brush them now , They say even when teeth havent come through yet you can massage the gum with a bit of paste to encourage them through. I started to brush jaydens when they first come through and now hes got two more about to come through ive started massaging them whilst brushing the others
  • I started brushing Joseph's practically straight away, I waited a few days after they appeared as I thought his gums might be a little sore. I think he looks so cute when I hold him next to the sink and he looks at himself in the bathroom mirror! He opens his mouth no bother and just lets me brush away!
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