Protein in Urine - also in pregnancy - help pls!

Hi Ladies,

I'm 29 weeks tomorrow and when I went for my appointment this wed I had protein in my urine sample. So they sent it off to do a culture to see if there's an infection and mw's just text to say it's come back negative and to make an appointment for wed next week to see if it's still showing in my urine.

My blood pressure was 100/50. It's normally around this, the highest it's been is 110/60 or 100/65.

Any ideas? is there a chance of preeclampsia without high bp?

Fingers and feet are swollen but no more than i'd expect xx


  • I had protein in my urine for every sample (and I had twins so was doing samples every fortnight!!) I worried the first couple of times but it soon got a little boring!

    There are other signs of pre-eclampsia and it would be spotted so try not to worry, especially if cultures have come back negative xxx
  • dont worry, its really common. They just like to keep an eye in case an infection or PE develops. I had protine a few times with no probs earlier in pregnancy, but did develope PE at 34wks. Remeber PE is very treatable, as long as you keep an eye on it!

    Em x
  • I had a few dip tests come back positive for protein in both my pregnancies but several mw/dr's told me that the dip sticks are very sensitive and can pick up things that aren't even there sometimes! If they suspect PE then they will do blood tests which are far more accurate...although in my case they came back inconclusive in my 2nd pregnancy and was consequently admitted to hospital as precaution as 34 weeks.x
  • I had PE the only thing I can advise is keep an eye but if you only have protein in the urine I wouldnt worry, it could also be a small infection, try not to worry, they will continue to monitor you now xxx
  • I had protein in my urine every time they checked... And for a while I was going every week.
    I was induced as soon as I hit 40 weeks because they didn't want to put the baby at risk. My beautiful daughter was born, rather large, I must say, and she's perfectly healthy.
    I never had high BP but always had protein in my urine. So don't worry yourself. image
  • I had protein in my urine all the time. So I wouldn't worry bout it. My bp was fine & only ever had traces of protein. I did however get more proteinthe day I went into labour ( but didn't no it at the time, just thought it was an infection) I wouldn't worry about it as I think it's very common

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