Anyone have a Pacapod?

Hi I'm looking for a new changing bag. My little boy has started on solids having been breastfed up until now and my current bag isn't big enough to start carrying bottles, spoons, food etc! The pacapods have caught my eye. I love the way they organise you (I definitley need help in that department) but I'm just wondering how big the pods are? The bag size seems generous but I'm not clear whther there is any space in the bag in additon to the space for the pods - if that makes sense. Anyway if anyone has one would love to hear your views. I particularly like the Almera - also love the leather bags but not sure I can justify the cost! Thanks x


  • Yep, I do and love it! When I first got it I was worried it seemed small, but because if the pods it's amazing what you can fit in it! The changing pod can hold everything you need for a full day of changing including clothes. The feeding pos fits 2 bottles, my sons meds, bib, muslin, plus there's space for cutlery. With being on solids I think you'd easily get a bottle, 2 portions of food in little tubs, snacks, cutlery etc. I can then also fit his yellow book, a cardi for him, a cellular blanket, a little cardi for me, wallet, keys, phone, notebook, lip balms, and it does not feel overstuffed.

    I love love love it!
  • Thanks - think I am going to order one!!
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