should I call doctor

My son who is 1 tomorrow has had a cold for about 5 days and I've been giving him calpol to keep his temperature, which keeps going over 39, down. He hasn't eaten for that time but is still having milk. He's generally quite unhappy and very clingy. Am wondering if he should see a doc having had the temp for so long? I'm assuming it's just a cold but maybe he needs antibiotics?


  • Hiya!

    If you arent sure about calling a doctor out why dont you ring NHS direct on 0845 4647. They will give you great medical advice and if its necessary to get a doctor out they will arrange it for you.

    A good way of seeing if they have an infection is if their snot is green not clear but if you are worried I would definately call NHS direct.

    Hope he feels better soon
  • i would ring your doc or nhs direct on 0845 4647 and get him checked out, rather safe than sorry, thats my motto. it is probably just a cold, but with him being a baby, i know id check it out with my GP just to put my mind at rest.

    happy bday to your son for tomorrow

  • poor thing! hope you managed to speak/see someone! hope he has a good bday regardless!!
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