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Hi All

We are 17+2 with our first and are just starting to think about what pram/pushchair we may want.
Just seen the thread about Silver Cross not being too good at all and wondered if any of you ladies could remomend any particular one that you have already as being good?



  • hey hun, didnt want to read & run!
    we had the mamas n papas aria for jason but didnt really use it for that long, mainly for when he was new born so we could put the car seat straight into the pram from the car when we went shopping, he got to about 4 months n we bought the o baby pushchair n gave the mamas n papas pram to my mum for when she had him.
    We did have a look at silver cross & graco in our search but jason was a bit of a suprise so we didn't have vast amounts of money to spend image I did prefer silver cross coz you can change the handle height and most of them come with carry cots which i think is better for longer walks if lo falls asleep, as for the graco ones there's ones for all uses i thought!!

    the mamas n papas one came as a travel system & inc car seat, rain cover, changing bag & foot for ??200 form argos! so brill value for money! only trouble we had with it really was the handle at it's highest is quite low so if you & oh are 5ft 8" or less you'll be fine!! lol (i'm 5ft 8' n can only just manage without getting an ache in my lower back)

    Hope this helps
  • i bought a hauck infinity from an ebay shop called online 4 baby. it was only ??120 pounds and i have used it for two babies although i did treat my self to the carrycot attatchment??75 as well but now they do a complete package whith car seat for around ??250 its gorgeous looks like a bugaboo but with a deep bucket seat and saftey bar so baby is more secure i think. i dont know anyone else that has one and i always get people asking where i got it! its really light weight and light to push even with my toddler in! hope that helps xxxx oh and handle bar is adjustable and seat can face either in or out only down side is shopping basket is tiny
  • We started off with the 03 sport by mamas & papas but have jsut bought a loola as we wantde to be able to see Ashton all the time, there aren't many pushchairs that can be both rear & forward facing so would def consider this! Xxxx
  • I have a silver cross and i love it! Its this one but i have it in a different colour

    I dont drive so its size isnt a problem and i have taken it on public transport quite a few times. Most of the buses near me are pram friendly anyway. Its so sturdy and my baby seems so snug. It came with absolutely everything. I also love that it can be a pushchair that faces me as that was something i really wanted. If we are going out in the car we just take the chassis and the carseat. We have a peugeot 206 and its just a tiny bit too small to fit the body and chassis in the boot. If you have a car thats a bit bigger it wouldnt be a problem. It surprisingly lightweight too and manourves (sp) really easily as the front wheels can swivel.
  • I have a sliver cross and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE!!!! It is a silver cross 3D and it's fab - been using it 11.5 months and never had any probs!!!

    I think this thread goes to show it is a VERY personal decision and you need to decide your priorities in order to know what exactly you are looking for. Then go and try lots in the shops - push them, fold them, lift them - don't let the assistants just 'show' you them get hands on with it so you know what suits you as EVERYONE is differetn!
  • I've got the Graco Mosaic Travel system and its really fantastic.

    Lightweight, folds down into an umbrella fold - so really small,

    the car seat is really easy to get on and off,

    it folds down with one hand,

    and is a fantastic pushchair now that Harry's outgrown his carseat.
    Plus the carseat is brilliant on its own, looks and feels really safe.

    You can take off and wash the covers (at 30 though so separate wash) but even then i've only had to wash it once since being bought and was really easy to do so.

    you can get some really nice colours

    AND it was only 145 from

    Highly recommend. Esp with a small car xxxx
  • Thank all! Wow - so much info to consider!! Thanks for all your help!
  • I have the silver cross 3d, I liked it more than any other we found and found it was one of the lighter ones. What I hated about other, was that when you folded them down, some of the material would touch the floor. Admittidly you have to be craeful with the cosy toes on the silver cross but otherwise it is easy to fold down and put in car as it has a handle. BUT, I also find that myid I put a coat on my lo she's a bit squashed in the car seat........oh dear I havn't helped at all have I??!!

    YOu've just got to try them out for yourself and as someone else mentioned think about whether it will fit in your car or not!
  • I have the Phil and Teds Sport and I love it, its really sturdy, folds up easy, handles like a dream even with 1 hand and its fantastc on all terrains, you need to buy the carrycot for newborn but its really snug and great to just take out of the pram if baby falls asleep!
    God i sound like a Phil and Teds spokesperson! lol
    heres a link
  • Here's an idea, If you are going to join just to post links to your website you could try picking a better username, it's a bit obvious!!!
  • bit presumtuous that we are your you havnt even got kids!!!
  • and on such an old post! lol
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