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At Joseph's nursery, they encourage all the children to explore outside and they checked I was happy for him to crawl outside. (It's a safe, purpose-built area etc) I said yes and he seemed to have lots of fun. Obviously the adults are with them at all times and give their hands a good wash when they come in so I thought nothing of it really. As a Year R teacher and a mummy and stepmummy I believe that fresh air and exercise are really really important. But when I told my mum, she was HORRIFIED! Worried that he would get cold etc. So I thought maybe I should have thought it through a bit more (oops). I still want him to do it but maybe he should have something special to wear. 'Puddlesuits' are out of stock in Mothercare in his size. Does anyone know of anything else he could wear? Would anyone else let their lo crawl outside or am I crazy like my mum thinks!!!! Don't mind if you agree with her, just interestedimage


  • No!! You are not crazy.
    My MIL is paranoid about my little one being cold and is actually responsible for overheating DD, by adding blankets when I know she is at a comfortable temperature.
    I am sure the nursery do not allow your son to get cold. If your worried send him with an extra jacket.

  • Nope I would have made same decision as yourself- anyway, they need a certain exposure in order to build up their immune systems
  • G/C from due in May - my mum looks after my sisters children and lets them both crawl in the garden, through the flower beds and pulling up the plants. They both love it. Of course they get filthy and wet but she just changes them and cleans them up.

    Its good for them to explore and be a bit independant. Neither of my sisters children have been ill from it. I say go for it!
  • I let Abby crawl outside! She's not too keen on it - so tries to walk (inside she just doesn't see the point in walking!) which is fabby.

    I do have to keep an eye on her though, yesterday I took my eye off her for a minute and turned round to see her eating the grass! LIttle Minky!

    It sounds like a really good nursery to me (doing what is best for the babies, and risking that parents might not like it!) and I am sure they wouldn't suggest anything that wasn't good for the babies!

    If it helps - my mum HATES that I let Abby crawl outside. I think its a generational thing!
  • Yes, yes, yes - I'm a big fan of being outside. My lo is 12 months and trying to walk but when she's had enough she throws herself down and has a good crawl. I think the dirtier she gets the more fun she's had!! Yesterday she was out helping her daddy digging the garden - Maybe it wasn't quite helping!!!
    We've just got a puddlesuit from Debenhams - Think it was ??14 for when she goes to the childminder so I don't have to pack her loads of clean clothes!!
    My mum cringes at most of the things I let my lo do so I wouldn't really worry!!
  • hey thanks ladies, I feel much better about it now! image Will try debenhams, thanks pumbacat xx
  • Hello M!
    Toby has just started to go outside this week too! Hasn't it been nice weather this week? (ok ish!)
    Anyway, they've let him crawl around outside, pull himself up etc... and he's fine.
    And correct me if I'm wrong (but this is from my FIL who really does know everything!!!!!!) we don't get colds from being outside in the cold - we get them from germs!!!
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