Need some advice, at what age should you stop nightfeeds? Brooke is 7 weeks old, and will normally wake up once in the night anytime between 2-4am for a feed, have 5ozs, then will go back to sleep, and then wake up around 7-8am in the morning. She normally feeds every 3-4 hours.

Thanks for your help.



  • hi

    my lo fed twice at night from birth till about 6 weeks then went down to 1 feed a night from 6 to 9 weeks. Since 9 weeks he has dropped his night time bottle and sleeps thru now.

    You could try giving brooke an extra oz of milk in her bedtime bottle if she can tolerate an extra oz. But once babies can drink more milk during the day, they usually sleep for longer at night. Thats what my hv said to me anyway, but obviously every baby is different.

    It worked for us tho cuz at 8 weeks charlie started wanting 5x 6-7 oz bottles a day. Then he gradually started waking an hour later each night for a night bottle then one night stopped waking for it and hasn't done since!

    Hope this helps x

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