I HATE my Loola!

I am a Loola owner and have had LO in the main bit for about 3 weeks (he is 18+5)

I blimming HATE the thing!!!

The hood only seems to go totally forward or so bumched up it is ontop of LO's head!

The straps have to be ajusted from behind the chair through the material. However LO is now to big for the straps (I have heard you can get extentions so am going to have to try that as I cant do him up, any suggestions where to look for them???)

The basket is soooo small

I hate the two handles (my next pram will have one bar)

AND..............I was in primark today and accidentally lent on the release buttons which are on the top and I swear to god the whole pram collasped with LO in it......(bless his cotton socks he was still asleep and sucking his dummy and wasnt hurt at all) but OMG I was horrifed and embarrassed as about 10 people tried to help which made it worse.

I dont find the seat comes up high enough and then when it reclines it goes too low.

So sorry for the rant but I am about the chuck the blimming thing away....I HATE it!!! I really want a stroller but cant justify a new pram when LO is only 18+5


  • PML I thought this was going to be a thread about lady parts!! Thought ooh I've never heard it called that before!
  • hahahaha could you imagine 'I was in Primark today and I pressed the release button!!!'

  • RE the straps Im sure you contact the makers of the Loola. I think. Im sure a mate had a problem with hers. The whole frame of her loola is broken and broke whislt lil one was in it, scary
  • I hate my icandy apple its way too big for the boot of my car and I canb't fit anything else in !!! Should have gone with a cherry wish I knew before I bought it lol. I sympathise xx
  • I have just got rid of my loola! The straps drove me loopy! They were just sooooo short, and I got the extension straps x2!! I LOVED it with the carrycot and the carseat and how small an easily it folded but my lo just wasn't comfy in it. He used to moan like he'll being in it even for a shirt time- we now have a Phil and teds and have been for lots of long walks and he has been fine so I know it was the loola. I hated the wheels- they were fine if you were walking on a path but any amount of terrain and they couldn't cope. Also if you hit a kerb (like the tiny step kerns you get) it jut used to ram it and couldn't bump it like other pushchairs.

    I tool mine back to mothercare (where I brought it) and told them everything and my folding handle had started to go like yours and they sent it away. It came back with the same fault and they sent it away again and it came back still the same so I asked for my money back and got it!!

    I would recommend taking it back as they said they never have problems with them and I know they do!
  • I had the loola too and got rid of it aswell all the same reasons as you we now have an icandy cherry! much better but a bit of pain that its big in my boot and you cant fold down the whole
    thing together! xx
  • AKA you do make me laugh - i too have a loola but i LOVE it!
  • Snap!!!Fortunately I haven't had it collapse on me yet BUT those straps are way too short.I took it back to complain and they changed the straps but insisted they had never had a problem with this pram.The thing is that was a couple of mths ago now and now the new straps are too short.I bought it because it closes so compact and I have a tiny boot.x
  • omgness i just laughed out loud. Your poor baba got folder up and didnt even know. Bless. xxxx
  • Stick it on Ebay and buy a new one lol x
  • Hon, seriously, wait till 6mths (give or take) and then get a lovely umbrella-fold stroller or that one on the Apprentice that folds up (& can be hand luggage on a plane). You won't regret it!

    I had a massive thing when we had ds1, and I hated it - it was like pushing a space shuttle around the shops lol!

    Oh & put the loola on e-bay - it looks gorgeous!
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