FAO Becs73 - Does anyone have the instructions for ......?

Hi all

I am looking for the instructions for the Leapfrog learn and groove activity station.

I bought my daughter a used one but unfortunatly didn't have instructions on how to fold etc.

I would be grateful if someone could either scan them in for me and e mail or give me the basic gist of them

Many thanks


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  • hi i dont have a scanner so here is the basic gist of them for travel and storage.

    - disconnect top from base by pressing the green button at the top of each leg
    -fold in all three legs on the base
    - aligin the three snaps on the top with the 3 recesses in the base and firmly press down on all 3 areas until you hear a click.

    hope this helps if you need any more info just ask or if you wanted i could photo copy them for you and post over.

  • Thanks becs

    I have just found a copy on the leapfrog website so thanks anyway.

    Just couldn't see a way to fold it up

  • Hi Becs

    Another question sorry !

    If the sound doesn't work but the lights do does that mean the batteries are going or is there a switch i don't know about ? Can't see in the instructions


  • hi think it must be batteries, not really sure as we only got it for christmas. dont think there are any other switches.

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