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why are baby clothes so flippin expensive????!

Hello mummies
I've just started buying baby clothes for number 3 and I cant believe how expensive they are! I swear they didnt cost that much when I was expecting Theo.
I'm only buying sleepsuits and vest for her because I know I wont put her in outfits to begin with but still, they seem to cost a fortune! Your looking at 12 pound for 3 sleepsuits and I want to have loads so I dont have to worry about doing loads and loads of washing all the time.
I'm looking on ebay but all seems to be outfits...any ideas??


  • George at Asda I think are one of the best around at the moment. I have never had a problem with the quality of their stuff and its really reasonable - we actually got 3 sleepsuits for Tommy (9-12 mths) the other day for ??3.75. Admittedly the more fancy you want the dearer they are but even their most "dressy" ones arent ??12.00!

    Worth taking a look mate xxx
  • hiya carley if i wer u id go 4 george sleepsuits 3.75 for 3 in white or a fiver for 3 in patterns i think

    ther is no way id say 12 quid for 3 sleepsuits

    i also find george clothes wash really well and maintain their colours

    iv bought faith tonnes of george stuff
  • Sorry - gotta laugh, 2 of us at exactly the same time writing exactly the same thing lol

    Just goes to show how good the George at Asda ones are!!!
  • I've been looking in mothercare and next etc. I had a look in primark on saturday but I was being fussy and didnt like the collars on the girly sleepsuits lol.
    Think I'll have to stop being fussy and just go for any old ones! I'd like to have pink really but white ones seem to be cheaper.
  • asda and tesco do packs of 3 patterned sleepsuits for ??6 and plain white for ??3.75. matalan are also only about ??7 for 3 patterned ones.

    i am always gobsmacked whenever i happen to be in mothercare at the ridiculous prices they charge, not just for sleepsuits but for everything. it seems they find out how much stock is else where and bung an extra fiver on top

  • what i did was buy some cheapie asda oned then got him a nice set from next
  • I'm gonna agree with everyone else and say asda. They are cheap but still feel nice. I don't think the primark ones feel as nice. Although primark sleeping bags are good. Asda ones are also a good size whereas we found the tesco ones were quite small. Matalan newborn are good cos they have built in scratch mitts.

    I can't believe you are due soon I'm sure it's only two mins since you had Theo!!!!!
  • NCT sales might be worth a look. Or hand me downs from friends/family. I got some fab stuff from my friends little girl. As the other ladies say supermarkets are great for bargain sleepsuits/bodysuits. I'm also a real bargain shopper in sales etc (places like tkmaxx)
  • I buy things from Next, Pumpkin Patch and shops like that for nice clothes (if you get me). For everyday wear I normally go to Asda. George have a fab range and also sell the ITNG stuff, Peppa Pig, Fifi, Dora, Charlie & Lola for half the price than Mothercare.
  • Nearly all Gabe's clothes are from Sainsburys, they are so cheap and really good quality.

    Asda are great too.

    You can't tell the difference to mothercare and next clothes.
  • If you can wait until the sale is on in next then at least they will be half price, thats what we did with Ashton and I am not buying any for this one until the sales. Agree with the others that Asda are the best for baby clothes. The sleeveless vests in white are only ??1.50 for 3! Bargain!!!! xxxx
  • TK Maxx is worth a look too... they often do sleepsuit or babygro multi packs for a fiver!!
  • Nearly all Niamh's clothes are Matalan and Asda,all very lovely and very girly and VERY cheap. She has a few Next things and one beautiful, ridiculously expensive Monsoon dress but all these were bought as gifts.
    I got a pack of 5 vests from Matalan for ??4.50 the other day and mum bought a 3 pack of 'pink princess' sleepsuits for ??5 today x
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  • Thankyou for all the replies! I think I'm going to make a trip to asda and get lots of things from there as most of you have said how great it is.
  • I think they've still got their Baby Event on so you might get some bargains? Happy shopping!! image Oh, and I use lots of Asda too, they do a lovely 3 pack of sleepsuits, one plain, one stripey pink and one dotty pink. Sooooo cute!

    Corinna x
  • Thank you again for all the knowledge you distribute,Good post.
  • Instead of buying cheap clothes produced by poor indian kids why dont you drop into your nearest charity shop, buy everything cheap and without leaving an additional co2 footprint?
    A baby only wears the things for 2 months anyway. Check facebook groups, buy and sell etc. Use -reuse- recycle!
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