fussiness when drinking milk

My lo is nearly 5 months and in the past 48 hours it has been very hard to get her to drink her milk from the bottle (she's not yet weaned). She keeps making a whinging noise and crying a bit. A couple of times she has been sick straight after her feed mainly bed-time feed so there's been quite a bit of sick and cleaning up to do. The sick is quite mucusy too but she doesn't seem to have a cold, although she is a little snuffly.

Could this be to do with teething? All other times she seems ok, just when trying to feed her. I'm starting to get worried cos she's not drinking enough milk as she's a small baby anyway. Her poos are a bit more runny as well but not enough to be diarohhea.

I hate it when she's like this at feeding I get really frustrated with her even though I know it's not her fault especially if she's teething. Her gums don't look red but I'm sure I can see 2 white bits at the front on her bottom jaw.

Anyone got any suggestions please ..........? :cry:


  • Hi
    It could be teething Jack didnt want his bottles when he was teething last month and has started again today. I rub some teething gel or powder on about 10 mins before feed and then he drinks it. xx
  • i had this about a months ago and i thought it was harris reflux acting up but my hv said to look in his mouth and there were white bumps at the top of his top gums so that was the problem...you cant beat nelsons teetha for teething pain! xxx
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