hes so ill :( what can i do?

my little boy is 7 and a half months now and hes just caught a really bad cold. hes really bunged up and cant breathe out of his nose atal so its really hard to give him his milk. hes got a cough aswel and he cries everytime he caughs as if hes got a sore throat. hes really groggy and is sleeping all the time in the day but not atal in the night :\(

does anyone know what i can do to help him? all the dr's give me is nose spray which dosnt help. iv propped up his matress a bit with a pillow which is helping a bit. any ideas? x


  • a room vapouriser at night time (although not sure if these really do work or not)

    some olbas oil on a tissue near him and some snuffle babe on his chest.

    hope your lo gets better soon
  • My lo has been terrible with a cold, so whiney and clingy. His first tooth is almost popped through too so we've had a right time. The doctor gave me some cough medicine for him (he's 7 months) which seems to help. I carried my lo round in a sling in the day when he was ill and gave him medised to help him sleep at night (GENIUS stuff - helps them sleep & clears their nose & my lil man woke up so much happier after 11 hours sleep - so did mummy!). He is a bit better now except he has given me his cold :lol: its rubbish cos for me it's fine so far, just a runny nose & sneezes but for him he has been miserable! x
  • If Neve is really snotty then I put a big blob of vicks in a bowl of boiling water and put it next to the cot on the floor. Snufflebabe on his chest is good as well. Hope he is feeling a bit better soon.
  • When your feeding him drape a muslin with some olbas oil or similar over your shoulder so hes breathing it whilst feeding - should help him to take his milk
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