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Clocks going back!

Does anyone have any god tips about how to deal with an early riser when the clocks go back?
I'm really dreading it and Bonfire night cos I'm worried all the fireworks will keep him awake.


  • Sorry, been doing it for nearly 7 yrs now and we've never cracked it! How early does urs rise? Mine start from bout 5am, regardless of when they go bed!
  • no great advice, it just takes a few days to get the routine back. if they wake early, just don't get up til a reasonable hour. xx
  • I am also dreading both the clocks and bonfire WEEKEND, I am going to try getting my lo up a bit later tomorrow and pushing his routine out half an hour in the hope it won't be as much of a change on sunday. best laid plans he'll prob wake earlier than normal. I guess as cathy says you just need to try and edge them back for a few days after. As for bonfire night, if only you could get baby ear plugs image
  • weve had fireworks going off for weeks now! lo seems fine not sure about the dog!!! where do kids get the money to be letting them off like this.???? i say it every year but i believe you should only be able to buy them for an organised display, and the people who buy them should have to do a h&s course etc then be given a certificate then only they can be sold them!!! id not even thought about clocks changing!!! help
  • OMG Susie I am soooooooo with you re the bloody fireworks. Yes, people should have to apply to do a display and tyhey shouldn't be sold to just anyone, esp not children. People (prob youngsters) have been lettign them off in the park near us for a few days but so far Matthew has slept through it, thank goodness. I don't know why they do it, and they let them off near the cows and sheep in the fields - if i was the farmer i'd be tempted to, well, perhaps i'd better not say....
    Rant over. Good luck with the clock changes everyone!
  • we have people setting off fireworksw tonight & I can see the sensor on lo's monitor jumping so it must be sounding in his room but so far he hasn't woken up. I might have to shove blankets up against the windows in his room on bonfire night to try to muffle the noise as it is bound to get louder!!

    Dreading the clocks going back too. just got him in a nice time frame & now it's going to be all messed up!!!
  • last night someone put one of those firework display boxes outside my house, f#ing kids!! luckily the kids didn't wake up, is anyone taking the l/o's to a display? mine isn't bothered by loud noises at all so i was thinking about it.
    not too worried about the clocks i've always found that if i put him to bed an hour later he'll wake up an hour later, also i'm making o/h get up in the morning so i'll be fine x.
  • well silly me changed the clocks forward god knows why think it was thinking extra hour in bed so i was so confused at 5 am this morning ended up getting up and checking the time on the tv and never went back to sleep!
  • I am sure that your little one will settle back into a routine, as for the fireworks, there is that saying that you will never wake a baby that wants to sleep - but perhaps that saying was invented by a man who has no experience of babies what so ever. Just try to stay positive its only for a few nights.
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