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I would like some honest opinions please ladies, my sister is due to give birth any day now- well could be anytime as she is 4 days overdue and is having contractions!eeek Anyway after much deliberated over what to get her and baby Molly-Mae I decided on a nappy cake as she has everything else pretty much!

I decided to make it myself after I just couldn't choose one online!

So what do you think?Would you be happy to recieve this as a gift?I really won't be offended if you think its poo as I know there are much better ones to buy...



  • It's lovely. I would have like that when I had Lily! Ooo you could do them in blue, green any colour!

    What else have you got in it? xxx
  • awwww, i think its gorgeous hun, im sure she will love it image
  • Thank you, there is two soft baby sponges- pink of course, the hat and mittens- I guess you could change this depending on time of year, in the middle there is a pot with chocolates in for Mummy, 3 body suits and the brush and comb. I am also going to add a bottle of Badedas for Mum too as I found this wonderful just after giving birth but they only have a walk in shower and I have seen they do the shower gel in our local chemist but had ran out today so will pop this in one of the gaps.x
  • I think it looks fab and as good as any you'd get online!
    Id be chuffed to get that as a pressie, plus its more personal as you've made it yourself!
  • hun, it looks lovely, i would be so touched if someone took the time to make something like that for me!
    your sister will love it x x
  • It really does look fab! It is so girly cute...really makes me want another baby lol.
  • Ah wow!! How did you make it? My best friend is due in Jan and I would love to do something similar.
    Your sister is very lucky!

  • Awwww, how thoughtful x
  • Wow that's amazing! When you said nappy cake-i thought you'd baked a cake in the shape of a nappy, i thought it was a pretty bizarre idea!!x
  • I think it's lovely, and much more personal because you've done it yourself - you probably get more for your money doing it yourself too which is an added bonus! I think she'll love it.
  • Lovely idea and it looks good.

    X X X
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