please help baby not feeding

im desperate i have 2 twin boys they are 18 weeks old we starting weaning at 16 weeks as they were showing all the signs ... one of my boys takes 4 7 ounce bottles and 1 4 - 5 ounces plus 2 - teaspoons of rice for breakfast and 2 - 3 teaspoons of veg etc for tea whilst my other son takes the same amount of solids he now refuses his bedtime feed and now has starting taking less in the mornig so all in all is only taking 3 bottles of 5 - 7 ounces he will not take any other milk i have tried redusing solids tried solids before and after milk have tried waking him for a sleep feed but he won't have any of it what else should i try if i stop solids he will become restless during the night again ... they boht sleep through the night please help me im at my wits end :\?


  • not sure what to suggest, didnt want to read and run, how much milk should he have a day? im bf so not sure what amount is ideal at this age,
    could u add milk to his puree fruit/veg to get a bit more down him?

    sorry not much help at all. xxxx
  • Hi love i have lots of problems feeding faith she not keen on her bottle. so he having in between 15 to 21oz that is ok. May be try and feed him in his sleep adding more milk to his food or add yougurts . It must be so hard for just wont to send you big hugs to you boys as long as his butting the weight you will be ok. Have talk to HV and you need any more help i am on here most of the time .try not to worry hun i now how it feels when they wont eat.
    this might help i set group you so people that are having feeding can help each other
  • thank you so much for yuor replies think i will space the 3 feeds out more and then supplement his feeds with solids with formula added see if that works ... the only problem being i now have 2 babies feeding at 2 different times on 2 different routines but hey ho nobody said it was going to be easy your replies have helped me think i will have to try and relax will let you know how it goes ;\)
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