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1st birthday party supplies - where to go ??

Anyone know of a good website/shop for 1st birthday supplies that are pretty but not too expensive ? So far I found the Woolworths website and their 1st birthday princess range but after plates, cups, table cover, balloons etc plus delivery its still ??22 which seems like an awful lot for some pretty paper plates.

I want to make the 1st birthday party pretty and girlie but not spend a fortune. Any ideas ?



  • Lambchop - randomly I got a "first birthday" party thingy brochure delivered earlier this week. Got some good stuff in it - def. getting some for T's party.
    I will try and dig it out tonight for you xxx
  • Matalan have a party area which have some nice bits and pieces. I got Daisy-Mae's stuff from there and it was much cheaper than any of the websites..

    Think it has to be one of the bigger stores, but give them a ring to check, if you have one near you...

    C xx
  • Hi Mrs Buttons, that was a good idea but I just checked their website and there isnt any local to me DOH !!

    Mummyjoo - I think I got a couple of those too, but I wasnt sure if they were expensive for what I wanted to buy and if there was anywhere cheaper ??
  • I used - I thought they;d be expensive, but when I also tried a couple of shops in town, partypieces were actually cheaper for the same stuff - probably not as cheap as Matalan though if your local one has birthday things.
  • I got all of my stuff from ebay..had lots of 2 for 1s and free delivery, all matching invites/banners/ plates/napkins/tableclothes and thankyou notes image worth nosing on there image
  • Have you looked in the pound shop? Might sound a bizarre suggestion but the one near me does some really nice stuff, for cheap, obviously!

    Matalan is a good suggestions too image

  • which cartoon your baby prefer to laugh. that cartoon theme you can use to celebrate.

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  • Have you found online? A lot of supplier available like CA Wraps, Fuzzy Fabric, E Favormart, Gift International and more.

  • Hi I found amazon good for bulk buying cups etc 

    If you have one by you home bargains or b&m usually have the party sections too that are good value x

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