OT - Moving to Edinburgh from Essex - Advice about areas pls

My husband has just accepted a new job in Edinburgh so we will be moving there in the next 2-3 months. We've only ever been for the odd weekend so don't know much about the surrounding areas. He needs to be able to commute into the city centre easily (maybe 20-30 mins max) and we need to have very good links to the airport as we will both be coming back down South quite regularly.

If anyone can give us any tips or suggest areas (including those to avoid!) that would be great. We are so far considering Broxbourne so reviews of that are particularly welcome!.

K x

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  • Exciting. I live over in fife and when working commute every day to the city. Takes about an hour door to door but house prices are so much cheaper and you get loads more for your money. I don't know edinburgh areas too well so can't advise but have friends that live in dunbar/north berwick and they love it_but it is further out for airport!
    Good luck when you move, edinburgh is an amazing city-i love it!
  • Hi
    I am from Edinburgh hun, so anything you need to ask just ask away. I think in terms of areas it depends on what your budget is and what type of home you are looking for. Are you looking to buy or rent?
    Ooh its exciting image
  • hi kayecee,

    i also am from edin, lived in the south west for most of my life but we moved out of edin to buy a house, we live nr linlithgow (west lothian) which is 15 mins by train to edin city centre, not the cheapest option tho as my train ticket is over ??30a week. airport is also close, about 15 mins by car. if you can afford edinburgh, places like corstorphine,south gyle(west/south west edin) are close to airport and not far from city centre, and bus links are very good from these places! like melanie said, really depends on budget and whether you want to buy or rent.

    we are looking to move back into edinburgh just as its so much handier as i work in city centre and all my friends and family are there.

    with regards to broxburn, its west lothian which is just outside edin. not sure on transport links there tbh, nearest train station would be uphall, and again it would take 20 mins ish into edin city centre, buses not as good as edinburgh buses and def not as frequent. would say if you opt for west lothian, cars a necessity ( we need our 2 cars, would be lost without them!and stranded!) i think it you were working in edin city centre, commute from broxburn on public transport could be nearer an hour in rush hour.

    any questions feel free to email me image

    good luck with the move and house hunt!

    el + euan 13 days xx
  • Thanks chubs!

    mel - we are looking to buy and our budget is up to about 325,000. Looking for a house that doesn't need work - pref a new build or just a couple of years old. I feel like I am on Location, Location, Location!
  • Thanks el - will have a look at some of those places. Will probably have dozens more questions in the next few days! We are hoping to go up next weekend to have a look around so we are trying to get a bit of a shortlist of locations together. Thanks again! x
  • No advice but just wanted to say I'm jealous! i love Edinburgh and visit regulalrly with work as my company is based there. I'd love to move but haven't even got DH there for a weekend away so farimage

    Good luck!



    PS - I'll see if my colleagues up there have some good tip and will message you anything useful on FB! xx
  • That's a great budget hun you will definitely find a lovely house in Edinburgh.
    I agree that Corstorphine/South Gyle is a really lovely part of Edinburgh and it is 20 mins by bus to both city centre and airport. I have friends that live in Corstorphine and the houses are really nice too. A nice area if you have a family as there are good schools and things too and they are near a large shopping centre.
    Have a look on www.espc.com if you haven't already, lots of houses on there to browse over lol. Broxburn is quite far out and would be a longer commute to Edin city centre, the houses are lovely out there as well though. x
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