Infacol - advice wanted!

Up until her injection my lo was waking for two feeds, sometimes only one, either way she'd sleep for a min of 5 hours before waking again. (now 3 then wakes every 1-2 hours) She does seem to be a bit windy at night so decided to try infacol. I gave it to her before each feed during the day yesterday but forgot during the night (silly really but sooooo tired just lifted lo out and fed). Today she has been more windy than ever before and she was really ratty this morning - usually is happiest in the morning. Oh, and she slept worse last night not better!

Any advice/experiences you can share?


  • Hiya

    not sure if this is correct (was told by my hv). But I think infacol works at the bottom of the digetive system. Gripe water at the top. But dentinox (sp) does both, that might be worth a try. The measurement is more, and I don't like the thing they give you to give to your lo, but it did work for my dd. x x x

    Hope you both feel better soon x x x
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