So Angry!

Im so angry mothercare and their so called "customer services" Ive had non stop problems with my buggy and wish id never bought the thing! I got a silver cross 3d and its caused me nothing but grief... ??300 for what? A hood that is s**t and a wobbly frame that breaks! Ive already had one replacement withing ONE month of having it...had new one as of September and the frame is well on its way out and all mothercare can say is "we'll send it off for repair!" I dont want a NEW one or a REPAIRED one I dont a whole new buggy!! Sorry for the rant...

Anyone else has problems with this buggy or problems with mothercare? :x


  • oh dear! I have that but have not had the same problems. I think I did notice a slight tear somewhere but can't remember where!!

    I hate the rain cover though!!

    Have you tried complaining to silver cross?
  • Silver Cross are just as useful as a chocolate teapot!!! They will no way take blame of the faults being down to the shit making of this buggy but apparently MY fault for not collapsing the buggy properly (only one way to do it as far as i know?!) All ive been told to do is return the buggy to mothercare who will send it off to repair, why does know one listen to the fact that i dont want no sodding repair, take the thing off me for good and give me my money back!!
    I hope you dont have the same problems as me but seems to be a very common thing to happen amongst other flaws of the buggy
  • I've also go this buggy, Mothercare have replaced the hood as the zip broke. I agree the frame is so wobbly and flimsy, and as for folding it incorrectly - umm you can only do it one way!!
  • i have had promblems with mothercare they dont like to give refunds toys r us are also just as bad. took 8 weeks to fix my pram they offered me a loan one but it was scruffy and dirty. argos is the best .after a buggy i bought from there broke after 10 months they offered me a refund or a replacement.
  • I've also go this buggy, Mothercare have replaced the hood as the zip broke. I agree the frame is so wobbly and flimsy, and as for folding it incorrectly - umm you can only do it one way!!

    Funny that hun because my first replacement was because the zip broke on the hood and i hadnt even undone it?!?! Try working that one out (i cant lol)

    As for trading standards i think thats a bloody good idea!! I think ill look into that one. I have now seen people have the exact same problems as me, why dont silver cross just own up and realise its a shit product and to take it off the market until they make it substantially ALOT better!!
  • I have had this buggy for 11.5 months now and have nothing but PRAISE for it - I have had no problems at all and I have 4 other baby friends who have it and non of them have had any problems either we all love our choice!

    Sorry no help to you but maybe you have just been unlucky? As for customer services they do sound rubbish!
  • I had a fab quinny buzz 4 wheeler but the collapsing mechanism broke ( wouldn't collapse and me stuck in a car park with a pushchair that wouldn't go in my car). I got it from Boots online. They gave me a replacement and collected the old one ( collection of old one caused problems), then the same thing went wrong with the new one! So I asked for a refund, which I got and now I have a bugaboo.

  • I am also using this pram for 14 months and love it. I have had no problems at all with it. I am sorry to hear that you are having bother with it. I find it strange as Silver Cross are supposed to be one of the best.
  • This pram is s**t, I'm sorry but I would never, ever recommend it to a customer
    *whispers* "i work for mothercare"
    please don't all shout at me now!!
    silver cross ALWAYS blame the customer and tell us that when we give their pushchairs back from repair we should demonstrate it fully so the customer is aware of how to fold it properly!! Ha! That's a joke coz I can't even do it myself half the time, always get it stuck!!
    Unfortunatley for you, mothercare have a policy that if something goes wrong within the first 28 days, we will replace it, after that it has to be sent for repair and we will offer the customer a (crummy) loan. Are you going to let them send it off? I know you really don't want it anymore but I think if you were to get it fixed then it happened again, you may be able to get a refund or at least credit towards another pushchair?? Where is your local mothercare? I think it'll depend on the managers descretion, let us know what trading standards say if you get in touch with them coz that will be quite interesting
    Gem+Charlie, I'm really sorry you had such awful service from Head Office, I must say I'm very surprised and shocked at their response to what happened, did you take it any further?

    Gemma x x
  • A bit different but i had an issue this week, sorry mumof2, not getting at you!!! I went to buy a highchair for my little one which was very exciting. A lady was there so i asked her to get me one that i pointed at as they weren't on the shop floor, a barcelona one, it is colourful with a giraffe on it. She looked at me and my son, who is quite clearly a boy and said 'ok'' So i lugged it all the way home on my own, up the million stairs to my flat and unpacked excited to put him in it and give him his tea it only to find a bright pink one with love hearts all over it, not very manly for my little boy!!! Called them up and they said to bring it back, great. Took it back a few days later with a lot of hassle as i live a fair way away, mentioned what had happened at the cash desk and they didn't really care, no apology for the inconvenience or anything, something about both highchairs being called Barcelona, great but not my fault. Not a major thing but wasn't too impressed especially considering how much of my money ends up in Mothercare!!!
  • mumof2- ive already have a replacement when the other one broke now dont want it send off for repair i want to see back of it...if anything id rather just try and sell it on!!

    I dont see why it should be a problem getting a refund, its like any other product you buy...if you have a receipt, and its faulty you said it back for either a replacement OR a REFUND! its not on, i wont be leaving the shop until I got my money back!!!!
  • Mothercare in here is useless !!! arrrgh , long rant about to come image I'll better go before I start image
    I feel for you though, a buggy is such an expence you would think it will be well looked after if ther is any problems with it. eh x
  • Most definately.... ive basically paid ??300 for a piece of plastic CRAP! I think this is such a poorly made buggy,made on a budget which does Silver cross no judtice what so ever!! I have one of their highchairs and i couldnt compliment it enough...its like two items from two totally different companies!
  • I dont see why it should be a problem getting a refund, its like any other product you buy...if you have a receipt, and its faulty you said it back for either a replacement OR a REFUND! its not on, i wont be leaving the shop until I got my money back!!!!

    Mothercare have a policy for these situations, it is clearly stated on their website and in their guarantee booklets which is why they have to follow it when something goes wrong with a pushchair

    Mothercare pushchair guarantee
    Any pushchair under ??100 (i.e. up to ??99.99) is subject to a 6 month guarantee. Any pushchair over ??100 is subject to a 12 month guarantee.

    Refunds & Exchanges:
    We will refund or exchange the pushchair if it is returned unused and within 28 days of purchase or if the pushchair displays a manufacturing fault within 28 days of the guarantee validation period.

    Repairs & Spares:
    We will repair your pushchair free of charge if it displays a manufacturing fault after 28 days and within the guarantee period. Please refer to your local store. Repairs due to non manufacturing faults are chargeable.

    Our manufacturers endeavour to hold fabric/coordinating components for the duration of their guarantee. If colours are not available co-ordinating colours will be used.

    Keeping you mobile:
    We will provide you with a courtesy stroller, if available at your local store, whilst yours is away for repair.

    I'm sorry but my oh is assistant manager in one of their stores and too often he gets irate customers shouting and having a go at him for things that are beyond his control, he doesn't make the pushchairs and he didn't make up the policy but he does have to stick to it
    You would probably be better off calling the customer services number and speaking to them because they have a lot more power than the people working in the stores and if you have a go at them and threaten trading standards or whatever they are likely to say you can have a refund or credit note and they will contact your local store and tell them to do that for you
  • been there tried that they told me to go instore. Im considering just selling the bloody thing now to get rid!
  • sorry to hear your having problems but kinda glad its not just me!! I totally agree on the frame SOOOO wobbly! too me no part of this buggy seems safe! Good to hear your mothercare have helped you... I personally think if they know there is a fualt with this buggy they shouldnt stock it! simple as!! rather then putting young babies at risk and i think silver cross are totally disgusting! Blaming these faults on actions of the me a favour!!!!!
  • i have a 19 month old son and i got the silver cross 3d for him.

    it broke 3 times, everytime it was sent off i was told i had broken it. which i hadn't.

    so i googled this and printed off about 30 pages of people with the exact problem.

    my pram was bought from a local independant shop so i went back with the evidence. by this point i was so angry and told them i was off to trading standards!

    i was given another pram and a buggy free to replace the 3d!

    so its common and you have very good case for full refund.
  • i rang silver cross twice and they just wouldn'ttalk to me- said i wouldn't understand the technical reasons?

    i would never ever buy silver cross again.
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