long haul drives with 4 month old?

Hi, just wondered if anyone could reassure me really! i have to go to a family party next week, but i will be going on my own driving with Lacey who is 4 months andf my 10yr old, i am very nervous especially as Lacey seems to hate her car seat at the best of times? would it be worth investing in a new one we have the primo viaggio mamas and papas and she hates it, i havent gone far with her yet only the local town, also the place i am driving too i have never driven there so thats a challenge in itself! any ideas also for keeping her occupied that my 10 yr old could help out with? thanks in advance

chloe and lacey x ;\)


  • How far do you have to go hun? All can recommend is a few stops along the way if its more than an hour or so! We drove to wales from essex when our oldest was a few months old, and stopped every couple of hours to feed change and air him! We also bought one of those dangly toys to go over the car seat which kept him amused, and he slept quite a bit too. I would think your 10 year old just talking to her, jiggling toys for her etc would probably keep her happy, if she's anything like Bella she loves anything her older brothers do and thinks they're hilarious! xxx
  • hi its a good 3 hours, without a break ! i will go and invest in some more dangly toys me thinks, thanks, btw do you know when you can use the 2nd stage car seats? is it 20lb?
  • I think its something like that, or when their eyes are level with the top of the carseat. Its best to keep them in the rear facing position as long as possible as if you are in an accident its the best position for protecting their neck i believe. I have a carseat thats from birth to 4, and it says in the instructions on that to keep them rear facing for the first year xxx
  • \we kinda have the same problem for saturday. We have a 3 hour drive to Dover, than go on the ferry for 2 hours, than another 3 hour car drive al with a almost 4 month old. Fortunately he is normally very good and sleeps in the car. We can not really sit next to him, because the car will be full with stuff we need to take. But I dread it. We are counting on 4 hours, so we can stop halfway through somewhere to give him some food and a break, but we do have a time we have to be there. He is not really interested in toys at all, only recently started to look at them or touch them. But only if they are on him, not if they are dangling above him. So not sure what to do for him. We hope for the best.

    A week later we have the same journey back. Seriously not looking forward to it.
  • thanks for your replies, i feel a little more clamer about the whole thing now, but just to throw a spanner in the owrks my dh has said he will have her whilkst i go across? now it would be easier but i dont know if i could stand being that far away from her even just for a day? do you think i am being silly?
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