Ellis started walking yesterday :D

He has been standing for a long time but this week he has started letting go of the furniture and standing alone, he looks like he is surfing :lol: then he bursts out laughing and grabs on again so he don't fall!

I put him next to his walking aid toy thinking he would just fall over but he just walked with it, after a couple of lengths of the living room he was virtually running with it lol, i had to keep picking him and it up to turn him round which made me have tummy pains so had to stop so the he just kept ramming into things then he learnt to turn and he only uses one hand now-all within a day! :lol: was so proud of him, he has just turned 1 but has been very lazy up until now, he seems to do something everyday and has more teeth every week its great!

Would you class this as walking yet? he is doing it on his own because he pulls it backwards and turns it himself so he doesn't actually need it! i have just bought him a harness so hopefully he will feel confident with that and he can start walking without the aid!



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