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hi girls
i was wondering if any of u have any nice christening ideas? wade is being christened in april and its a big thing for the greeks they really go to town on it. so i wanted to do something nice that maybe was different to what they have seen before.
so if any of u have any ideas for any part of the day or maybe u have been to one and seen some nice ideas that would be great cause i've got to try and organise this on my own over here.
gio xx


  • Frankie is being christened on 22nd February and the ways it going you would think it was her wedding lol. Although its my mum who keeps coming up with ideas - she is paying for ideas though so i dont mind. We have decided to have a pink theme (what a surprise!) so my mum is buying pink champagne so everyone can have a glass when they arrive. We are having white tablecloths and my mum suggested pink glitter sprinkled on. Also having one white, one light pink and one dark pink balloon on a few table. Cake is white with dark pink and light pink decoration. Maybe you could try having a blue theme?

    Sorry im not much help! Mrsjbourne had her little boy christened recently and they had a fruit display that was a pram with a little baby in. Im sure she would post you a pick of it. I loved that and its very unique!!
  • Evie gets christned o the 25th and i've got a plate for everyone to sign so we can remember who came etc, its not a lot but its something different. Also the dog is getting her a special ballon its a big clear ballon and inside are loads of little pink ballons and were having pink glitter writting on it lol xxxxx
  • thanks i like the idea of the pram but don't think they would be able to do stuff like that ere. i've seen the plates i was thinkin to get one of those too.
    keep thinking for me girls.
    gio x
  • anymore ideas? image
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