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sorry need a rant

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! why are men so useless my 11mnth old was in hospital last week with bronchitis and i had to arrange everything our eldests clothes ,childcare whaen he should/shouldnt be at hospital phoning work when he couldnt go in. the house was left in a total mess had to sort food for me him and kids i had to phone all the relatives to make sure they were kepy up to date all on hardly any sleep and now he cant see why im so stressed out aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats a bit better sorry xxxxxxx:evil::\?:roll:


  • Awe - men can be so inconsiderate at times. I dont think they mean it but they are useless sometimes without realising it. I got 3 - 4 yr old, 8 yr old and 24 days old and OH tries hard but sometimes he just doesnt think what I'm going thru.

    Hope you get some sleep soon and that your lo is getting better.
  • My o/h can b like that sometimes too. He's absolutely wonderful wiv the kids, fed all of them at night, lets me get some me-time or sleep at the weekend and stuff like that but I can go out shopping or out with my mum or anywhere and he'll ring me to ask what to feed em for lunch!! The older 3 r 7,6 and 3 - if you ask em, they'll tell you but he's never quite worked that out yet! lol
  • I know what you mean! I was in hospital couple of weeks ago and all I did the whole time was worry about how oh would cope!

    Luckily he had my sister and my 19yr old son there to help him out, otherwise I think he would have been dragging me home!

    Normally the extent of his involvment is bathing the 3yr old, he does hardly anything with the baby! His excuse is that she cries for me, cant seem to get it thru to him that if he did more with her there wouldnt be that problem!!! :x ;\)
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