iCandy returns - any experience??

Hi there,

Ive got an iCandy peach, and my daughter is 8 days old. Last night we noticed that the carrycot frame seems slighted twisted, not enough to make a difference to the position of baby or anything, but enough for me to want to take it back, as its quite expensive. one of the front wheels is also slighty out of shape.

My only concern is, i know there is a high demand for peaches at the mo, and im worried that if we send it to be repaired, or replaced, then we could be waiting weeks. Im worried that by the time we get the carrycot back, my DD could have grown out of it or something. Weve been told by the stockist that it will go on like an 'emergency' thing, but they have never dealt with iCandy before (as they are usually very reliable) they cant say roughly how long it will take. I just want to get the use out of it, instead of having to put my baby in my DD1s old pram, when i bought a fancy new one for her.

anyone have any experience with icandy customer service, or returns?? are they any good, or do they just forget about u? x
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