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Did Anyone just watch Trisha? bit of a rant


There was some crazy cow on there arguing with her mum about her bf and she said there was a chance she was pg. The girl was bonkers! Im not being funny but what the hell could she ever offer to a child? Yeh she might love it but she was mentally and emotionally unstable and IMO in NO fit state to raise a child. There are so many women out there that are struggling or cant have children of the own who deserve to have children and then you've got some stupid cow and her dippy man blatently having a kid for the benifits! ARGH it makes me so flippin angry!!!! she couldnt talk either - everything was shouted she was crazy! ggggrrrrr :x


  • I cannot watch programmes like that (inc Jeremy Kyle). Why anyone would want to go on tv to air their dirty laundry and prove they are scum is beyond me - oh yes - the fee they get lol!!

    I do agree with you though about what you said in your post.
  • lol, didn't watch it, which was probably a good thing! But the comment about shouting- I teach and a lot of the kids don't seem to know how to talk normally. Whenever you try and have a conversation they shout at you and they don't even realise- I'm sure it's because all their communication at home is shouting/arguing. What is the world coming to?
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