Help! - Could thi be a growth spurt??? (Also in Born in May)

Hi Ladies

Looking for some advice / reasurance please.

LO is 5 weeks old tomorrow, we are formula feeding now having struggled with combination feeding for the first 4 weeks, the last week DD has happily (more or less anyway!) been taking a 4 oz bottle 6 times a day, but does not like being winded and is often sick after a feed.

However the last 24 hours have not been good, DD has taken a bottle and is then crying and trying to eat her hands after 2.5 - 3 hours, we have tried offering another bottle which she will take half of before losing interest and falling asleep. Only to wake up 2.5 - 3 hours later - so the cycle repeats!

But we're really at a loss as to what to try next, we have now resorted to a dummy, which I really don't want to make a habit of as she has self settled since day one and don't want a dummy to become the norm!

If it is a growth spurt what is the best way of hadling and how long do they generally last?

Any advice gratefully appreciated.

C xx


  • Wouldn't worry about self-settling at 5 weeks!!! Or any of that rod for back nonsense, sounds like a growth spurt to me and a dummy doesn't help much with those because it's not food. Good luck and it'll only last a few days.
  • It does sound like a growth spurt, and should only last a few days. Maybe it would be worth offering her extra oz's at her regular feeds if she's draining the bottles? You may still find that she wants more though! Good luck, and hope it passes for you soon xx
  • Hi. There is a growth spurt around 6 weeks, so maybe. My lo's have always manifested as eating more or sleeping more though. Does lo finish bottles, or fall asleep halfway through/take over 15-20 minutes to finish? Just wondering is you need to either increase the amount offered, or go up a teat size. James started to take ages to finish his bottles, went up to size 2 teats, and he was finishing them in 20 mins again. May take a little while to get used to the faster flow. If it's a growth spurt, could last a couple of days. HTH. xx
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