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Washable nappies - what do you think?

I use them during the day and a disposable at night as I try not to change her in a bid to get her to sleep through... it works well for us.

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if you fill out the questionaire they send you a no obligation email of recommendation which will give you an idea of what will work for you and what you will need, the overall cost does seem quite daunting as a one off, but things like nappy buckets can be bought in boots for about £2 if you go for an end of range etc and shop about for paper liner offers.

Hope it works out!
We are using a mixture of the some of their recommendations (tots bots) and Bambino Mio range which are very good(and seem to be cheaper).


  • Deffo go for it, I use cloth and my DD1 was fully potty trained day and night by 26 months. My DD2 is 9 months and I've only used the odd freebie disposable nappy on her. As already mentioned, ebay are great for bargains and I can also recommend Rainbow bots are fab btw!
  • I find that my daughters reusables get very wet also and that they need changing more ofter but guess that it is because they don't contain the magic soaking up material that the disposables do.
    I do change her more often than would with disposable which is why we put disposables on her at night and if know that we will be out all day.
    Personally, I thnk that cotton has to be better on her skin than whatever they use in disposables and the thought that her used disposables will be still be in a land fill somewhere when she can vote makes me more determined to carry on with it.
  • Ahhh that could be it!!!
    I have noticed that on ebay people seem to be making their own out of fleece and selling them...? So you could make your own or if you go to ebay check if they are home made or manufactured.
    I have some good ones that are terry on one side and fleece on the other and are quite thick, not sure whose they are though, think that they came from nappylady?
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