Help! Blood on the cot sheets

Hi ladies...

Well ds faceplanted at the childminders earlier and his teeth bit into the inside of his top lip. Supposedly it was gushing but stopped after a few minutes. Just before his bath it started again and was gushing really bad. It kinda stopped and he went to bed at 19.45. I put a muslin down just incase.

I went to check on him at 22.45 and his bed was soaked! It was pure red and wet so probably recent. It went through his muslin, cot sheet and mattress. The room smelt metalic and sweet and ds reeked of blood when I picked him up to change the bed. The blood stain is as big as my hand with my fingers closed. Oh is at work but I sent him a picture and he's livid. He says it's way too much blood and that ds may need stiches and that if he does need stiches he's not going back to the minder.

So now I've put a muslin over his mattress, a cotsheet and a towel with another muslin ontop to see if he bleeds anymore. If he does, I'm going to take him to a and e. Although I see where oh is coming from, I have a scar on my lip where I bit completley through my bottom lip and a scar on my eyebrow when I faceplanted the corner of a table so I know these things happen. I'm actually more concerned about lo swallowing blood because it might upset his tummy image


  • definately take him to a and e but i agree that these things happen, accidents are always going to happen with children, thy are always buming into things and falling over etc.
    It's your personal decision whether to send him back to the minder or not though. Is this the first thing that's happened to make you question sending him there??
  • Tbh I never questioned her about it because I completley trust her, it's just my oh who has the issue sending h back. Just checked on him again and there's more blood so I think it's going to be an a and e visit.
  • better to be safe and take him to a&e, just incase it needs stitches or something. cant be good having blood in his mouth and on cot sheets etc x hope he is ok
  • poor little guy! definatly take him to A&E, better to be safe than sorry. will you let us know how you get on?

  • Crikey!

    I hope you get baby sorted out and seen okay? that sounds awful. I'd be really annoyed if that had happened to my baby at Nursery or at a childminders.

    It MUST have been quite horrific when it was actually done surely? I mean, lots of blood, and I would have thought the childminder would have expressed a little more 'worry' or even called you when it happened!

    When my first used to go to Nursery, and she banged her head or ANYTHING, I would get a phonecall asking what I wanted to do, a description of what had happened and how my daughter was and if I gave persmission for calpol, or if I wanted to pick her up. Its more than their lifes worth if they brush over something incase the child becomes unwell or gets worse later on, and this sounds a little like one of those situations to be honest.
    Accidents happen. Fact. Children get hurt and bones get broken. Fact. Its how its reported or dealt with afterwards that matters.

    In this circumstance I would NOT let my child go back to this childminder. It sounds as though the accident should have been taken more seriously by the childminder a lot earlier.

    I have my fingers crossed for you and the little one. I know my hubby wouldn't let our baby go back to someone who didn't inform us of what happened soon after it happened.

    Good luck hope little one is ok! x
  • Was he ok in the end???
  • Just wanted to say hope the wee fella was ok!

  • Hey girls thanks for asking ds is a lot better now. The bleeding stopped at about 2am and it turned out to be his gum that was cut so docs couldn't stitch it anyway. My minder was very upset about the whole thing and I love her to pieces and trust her completley.

    When oh got home he was angry but mainly because it's his wee boy and he was hurt. Afterwards, he calmed down and rationalised and realised it was just an accident and his baby was ok. Phew!
  • glad all is good with your little soldier xx
  • So glad to hear he's ok. Its scary when they are so small and hurt and you dont know what to do to help! Glad your OH has calmed down too and realised accidents happen, its just a parents thing to panic and get mad to start with isn't it. Gosh, we've years of this to come!!

  • How awful for you and your poor wee boy. I'm glad he seems to have recovered and you're not suffering any loss of confidence with your minder - that would be really tough!
  • AW poor weeman image
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