out&about! Bottlefeeding advice.


  • Hi huni, ohhh your up late, or is it early??? Looks like i'm in the 5am club today

    I dont pre mix feeds- i have the tommee tippee bottles, and have milk container things- so while he's still only taking 3-5oz at a feed there perfect. And obviously saves louds of space in the change bag

    In mothercare they have loads of different types of containers as well as the TT ones

  • Well my lo is on comfort milk which has to be made up with the water really hot so if in going out i make up a bottle and then put it in an insulated bag. It keeps warm for quite a while and find it easier to cool a bottle than warm one up.

    Before she was on comfort milk i used the TT milk dispensers. These ones sit inside the bottle but if you dont have TT bottles you can get a milk dispensers that is seperate to the bottles. I would just add the water to the bottles before i went out then add the powder when she wanted a bottle.

    If your baby likes the bottle warm most places are quite accomodating especially if you go somewhere like M&S or Debenhams.
  • hi hun ,well i have a container from mothercare its a round pot with a blue insert that has 3 sections for milk and they hold up to 8-9 scoops of power in each ..their great i put 4 scoops in each then put the lid on and take my bottles of water with me then when were out just warm the water and tip the milk powder in through the spout in the lid ,think their about ??10 each but well worth it xxxxxxxxx
  • I sterilise my bottles then fill with water that has been boiled & left for 30 mins or so.
    I then put them into hot water or bottle warmer until warm then add the milk. When out & about I use an avent milk powder dispenser ??4-5 &boots also do their own for about ??3.
    There are 3 sections so 3 feeds.

    I personally find this the easiest way & I hate heating bottles in the microwave but that's just me image xx
  • Cameron is 81/2 months so only has one bottle in the day time now but i use the tt pots (theyre easy when you know how lol) or warm the made up bottle so its very hot and pop it in a avent bag, it cools gradually and when we need it its the right temp. saves warming it while out.
    20 seconds wouldnt of been long enough for cameron as he has his milk quite warm but some have it at room temp so its your babies individual tastes. xx
  • I dont microwave mine but if you are heating the water before you add the powder it needs to be really warm for the milk to mix. I would say 20 - 30 secs would probably be enough. Other milks can be mixed at room temp but comfort milk doesnt work!
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