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VTech First Steps Baby Walker - Safety Issue?

HI ladies

I just went onto the mothecare website to see what walkers they have and quite fanced the vtech one however one womans review branded it really unsafe??! She said the wheel doesnt have any traction and her lo had faceplanted or hit her teeth off of it because it just whizzes away from her.

Do any of you who have this find this happens with you?

what walker would you suggest?


  • My dd had this (shes 22 months now) and yes it does whizz away and we have wooden floors throughout the house yet dd never ever had an accident with it and she use to go so fast lol!

    Maybe the person in the review was using it before there baby was really ready? xx
  • If you are on carpet its ok but when Lukes goes on the wooden floor it just run away with him a bit and he does fall down but I still think its fab.
  • We have it (Charity shop bargain ??6, practically unused!) and on carpet it seems fine, LO really enjoying, Also enjoys playing with the front panel a lot but when he's doing this I back it next to a wall so it doesn't push away from him when he's playing on the front!!!

  • Lizzie has one. she obv doesnt walk with it yet as she has just turned 7 months but they say from 6 months as the idea is they sit and play with the front panel first not walk with it. I think like mrsnoname said-maybe the person was using it to walk with a bit too early x
  • I have just bought this for DD who is 6 months next week. I will let her use it with the front panel bit in front of her for a while as she is no where near standing yet. I really like the look of it!

    If you are going to buy one look on the asda direct website as it is only ??23 pounds! I only found this out though after we had got ours in mothercare and had taken it out of the box etc x
  • We have the fisherprice version, Dylan adores it and at 8 months has started using it to make steps alone. HOWEVER he is closely supervised at all times so the speed can be controlled by me if needed.

    I think as with everything as long as they are supervised it should be fine

  • i bought this this week and LO loves it, as he is only 7 months he sits and plays with it, i think any walker of this kind if the baby is not ready to walk then its not safe, i certainly wont be letting my LO run about with it without me until he can stand and walk safely,
  • never had an issue with ours! evie loves it and she is 18 months! i bought it when she was little and we took the front off so she could press the buttons and hear the songs. then when she could stand holding things i let her stand with it and it was that which helped her take her first steps.
  • Really unsafe my daughter i 12mths and just tottering so i thought i would let her use the walker as she can stand etc and it just tipped over face over really unsafe and scary! Only suitable if the child can ealk properly on carpet only. not fit for purpose as a walker. great activity centre on the front though.
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  • I had this toy with both my girls & never had any real problems, both girls loved charging about the house pushing it.  It does help for them to be cruising before introducing them to it.

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